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20 July, 2017

What’s Next: Beach Holiday in Malaysia

It’s the time of the year again to plan for a beach vacation! Despite of having several travel plans each year, I always try my best to fit in at least one beach vacation into my busy schedule because I simply loveeeee the sea. 

Picture of me in Redang Island 3 years ago. (Blogged: HERE)

Another picture of myself during last year’s getaway to Perhentian Island. (Blogged: HERE)

I realise I have not explored much of the local beaches although I know there are actually plenty of beautiful beach holiday destinations in Malaysia. Some of them on my wishlist are:
     ❤ Rawa Island, Johor
     ❤ Sipadan Island, Sabah
     ❤ Cherating, Pahang

Picture of my first snorkeling experience in Redang Island few years ago.

There are plenty of exciting things I am looking forward to during my beach vacations – Snorkelling, chilling at the beach bar, and island hopping are my personal favourites. It just feels so good to lay on the white sand and gaze at the starry sky in the evening while the hair is gently swept by the breezy winds. Ah, thinking about it already makes my heart itch for another beach holiday.

Beautiful sunrise by the beach during my last trip 

But truth to be told, island trips are not cheap in Malaysia. A trip from Kuala Lumpur to the hidden gems in Sabah can easily cost up to thousands, given that the prices of accommodation and flight ticket can be rather hefty during peak seasons.

Rawa Island (Picture from Google Image)

People say Rawa Island is our dream Maldives in Malaysia, all thanks to the drop-dead gorgeous beach and natural beauty surrounding the island. If I have saved enough, I would definitely make a trip here.

But I guess currently with limited budget, the first beach holiday to consider for this year is Cherating, which I heard is a pretty laidback place with pristine white sandy beaches and abundance of seafood. To my delight, the accommodation here is not pricey at all! :) I saw and read reviews of Suria Cherating Beach Resort online and they are offering a super low rate on Traveloka; it’s worth checking out!

Here are some pictures of Suria Cherating Beach Resort.

Since it is a beachfront resort, all rooms and suites offer a private balcony from which to enjoy views of the garden and the white sandy beach of Cherating. The resort itself offers Honeymoon Packages for the lovebirds, School Holidays “Fun in the Sun” Package for families and more. Be it a romantic getaway with the loved ones or a family relaxation trip, the beach resort holiday is something I’d be looking forward to.

For water sports lovers, you would love this as Suria Beach Resort Cherating also organizes wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling (Available upon group request) and many more outdoor activities – river boat cruising, fishing, cycling and swimming. Not a fan? It’s okay, family-friendly indoor facilities such as gym, children’s playground and swimming pool are available too if you want to kill time. I may not be so adventurous, but am pretty excited for my next snorkeling sessions!

Did I forget to mention about the transportation here? To save the hassle, it is easy to get your transportation covered by taking a 40-minute flight from KL to Kuantan than to have a 3.5-hour drive there from KL. Flight deals and promotions are also available on the same website when I search online.

If you have extra money to spare, I am sure you’d have plenty more accommodation options available for Cherating, I guess it does not require too much of a research because they are all listed systematically on Traveloka, one of my favourite hotel and flight booking sites.

Can’t wait to enjoy a super carefree and relaxing holiday at a home away from home! ❤ 

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