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21 July, 2017

Exploring Ubud Village in Bali, Indonesia

UPDATE: Super backlog for my travel journey 2 years ago! 

Following my travelogue update on Bali trip, here's Part 2! 

Ubud village is definitely worth checking out if you're in Bali. From the cultural dances and art market to wood carvings and delicious Luwak coffee, I think every part of it has the touristic value especially for people like me who have been living in the city for the longest time ever.

Sari Amerta Batik Collection
Batu Bulan, Gianyar-Bali.
(Tel. No: 0361-229057)

So we headed north from Kuta to Ubud early in the morning. The first stop was supposed to be Batu Bulan where we could watch the traditional Balinese dance called the Barong and Keris Dance. But since none of us was fancied, so we headed straight to the house of Balinese batik instead.

Although this is something similar to what we have in our beloved East Coast states, the Batik Processing industry there was much more traditional and labour-intensive. From making designs with wax (klowong) to multi-layers of color dyeing, it took 8 long steps that I probably couldn't imagine doing it myself. Handprinted Batiks here are quite expensive, but they make good souvenirs for westerners.

Celuk Village, the centre of local gold and silver smith.
Again, everything was handmade there, from the home decors to jewelleries!

Alam Sari Coffee Luwak Agrotourism, Gianyar-Bali

What not to be missed in Ubud is a coffee break at Alam Sari! The coffee plantation is beautifully landscaped with all sorts of herbs and flowers, and we managed to watch the process of roasting the coffee beans. The host generously served us with over 10 types of coffee, each and every one infused with different flavours. My personal favourite were Coconut Coffee and Ginger Coffee.

It was interesting to see how the Kopi Luwak was processed from the ladies working there. It made me wonder how could one ever drink the poop of a civet cat?! But after my hands-on experience, I realised it didn't stink at all, so don't worry! 

To enjoy the beauty of Balinese culture, one must dress like a Balinese!

And I bought loads of coffee powder home! But the price could go up to $50–$100 a pound.

Ubud Art Market (Just opposite Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace)

The highlight of our Ubud discovery trip was certainly the infamous Ubud's Art Village, a must-visit spot especially for art and craft lovers. It seemed to be "just another tourist-packed area", but trust me, you might find the very unique piece that you wanted to bring home as souvenirs!

It was nice to do some light shopping there if the weather could be more gentle to us.

If you're keen on arts, Batuan Village is great for those who love to explore the traditional paintings whereas Mas Village is known for its fine wood carvings.

During this discovery trip, it indeed made me feel closer to the nature, to the friendly villagers and speak like a local (by learning few Indonesian terms that sound like Bahasa Malaysia). Hahaha!

In fact, I realise there are plenty of must-visit spots for tourists around this area including Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah (Elephant cave), Ubud Royal Palace, Tegenungan Waterfall and Tegallalang rice terrace. However due to time constraint, we had no choice but to visit them in our next trip.

Overall, our tour guide is quite nice, courteous and flexible. You can personalise your own itinerary in Bali and negotiate the best prices with him.

For Bali local tours, feel free to contact:
Ketut Edy Hartawan
Tel. No: +081 999 417 379

Lots of love,


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