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26 July, 2017

July Fashion Shopping Haul with Sammydress

It was just a month ago when I last shopped at Sammydress and blogged about my summer #OOTD shopping haul. Seriously I just couldn’t keep up with the updates of new collections on the website as there are new arrivals almost everyday.

Anyway, I have decided to pamper myself again, guess what have I gotten for myself this round?


For this round of shopping, it’s a combination of jacket, top, dress and bikinis. Again, they are real good bargains especially when I bought them at slashed prices during the sales season.

Spaghetti Strap Bowknot Open Sleeve Chiffon Top
(Direct Link: HERE

My favourite piece among all is the baby blue top with adorable bow knots and open sleeve details. My friend is telling me that it looks complicated but hey I think it looks perfect. Am in love with the casual design and perfect fit that doesn’t look oversized for me.

I think the details are just so feminine and cute, don’t you think so?
Great to flaunt those collar bones and long arms during this summer!

Plus, the blouse is true to its size. And you can see the measurement on the website upon purchasing,
so no worries about getting something that does not fit well.

Floral Embroidery Plunging Dress
(Direct Link: HERE

The embroidered knee-length dress, on the other hand, is something sexier and more outstanding as compared to the previous piece. Since floral embroidery has been a popular trend now, so how can I not add this piece into my collection!

Taking a closer look, the floral motives are too pretty to resist right? 

The design features a simple flare skirt, deep V plunge neck and large floral embroidery. Although the V-shaped neckline is kinda low and sexy, but oh well, you can always put on a tube top that matches well with the dress.

Turn-Down Collar Zippered Long Sleeve PU Leather Jacket
(Direct Link: HERE

Yay, another piece of jacket is now in my collection! I have not really gotten any leather jacket before, and this is pretty reasonably priced so I thought why not just get one for my next vacation. The weather in KL may be a little off to put this on, but it is a perfect piece for slightly chilly weather. 

I am wearing it in Genting Highlands recently and this gives a perfect snug. Most interestingly, the lower part of the jacket is detachable via the zip – hence transforming into a Cropped Faux Leather Jacket. Very chio right!!

This is how it looks like when it is detached... totally unnoticeable right?

❤ ❤ 
If you wanna shop at, don’t forget to use discount codes below!

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For more information, please visit:
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