18 July, 2017

Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant @ Bukit Jalil

Bukit Jalil is increasingly popular with its cafe scene, for instance the famous waffle house, The Owls Cafe which I have blogged HERE earlier. But let's not neglect other cheap eats in this area-- including Shin Zushi where you can find good, affordable Japanese cuisine in the neighbourhood. Of course, my favorite Japanese restaurant in the world is still called Ramen Hiroshi, which I tried in San Ramon, California.

I didn't notice any convenyor belt transporting the sushi around the restaurant, but we can always order from the menu and the sushi will be prepared ala minute in front of the customers here.

Roasted Eels with Mentai Maki @ RM9.50

To begin with, we order few plates of sushi rolls for sharing. The unagi maki is densely-filled with rice, and the grilled eel is nicely glazed with the flavourful sauce and a dollop of cod fish roe on top.

Mango Floss Maki @ RM9

Something more refreshing on the menu is the mango and chicken floss roll which is both savoury and tangy at the same time. Decent taste but not something I'd like.

Salmon Skin Salada @ RM15

For the appetizer, the crispy salmon skin salad can easily get us hooked especially when paired with creamy sesame dressing. Portion wise, it is great for sharing.

Yasai Tempura @ rm13
(Assorted vegetables tempura)

Tempura Udon @ RM17

Next, the tempura udon set comes slightly disappointing as we are only given few pieces of tempura, with a strong gingery dipping sauce. Hence, tempura lovers may want to order another helping to satisfy the cravings.

Shake Don @ RM22

As a sashimi lover, the raw salmon rice bowl simply perfects my meal with its generous portion of thickly sliced fresh salmon on a bed of sushi rice. Not the best grade of salmon, but at this price I have no complaints.

Salmon Teppan Teishoku @ RM26

Set meals are aplenty on the menu, with affordable price tags. Mine is a nicely grilled salmon served with miso soup, steamed egg, salad, fruits and rice. The special sweet and savoury sauce adds more flavour to the fish, but I prefer having it plain to enjoy its freshness.

1. Overall, the total damage is less than RM200 for 6 pax, which I find it reasonable and good for casual family dinners around the neighbourhood.
2. Reason to visit: Great varieties, fair portion and quality.
3. Recommended: Shake Don, Roasted Eels with Mentai Maki and Salmon Teppan Teishoku

Booking is not allowed during weekends, so do expect to queue on a first come first serve basis.

Shin Zushi 
(Next to PetsMore and Domino's Pizza)
11-G, Block 6,
Jalil Link,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 7,
57000 Bukit Jalil,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-8999 1088
Email: shinzushijr@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/shinzushi.bukitjalil

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