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16 August, 2017

Tut's Egyptian Eatery @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

Think about Egypt, I see images of deserts and giant pyramids floating in my mind almost instantly. What about Egyptian food? I was guessing it could be something close to Arabic cuisine since Egypt is one of the Arab countries, but NO, now let Tut's Egyptian Eatery reveals the truth.....

Named after King Tut, the monarch who once ruled ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago, Tut's Egyptian Eatery is the very first Egyptian restaurant in town. Now we can save a trip to Egypt and just head to 1 Utama Shopping Centre and be among the first to experience the authentic taste of Egypt in Malaysia!

Location wise, Tut's is tucked at the corner lot in the Oval Concourse, LG Floor in New Wing, right next to the exit to the Rainforest. It does not take us too long to search for this shop since we are frequent shoppers here.

Ambiance wise, the family-friendly interior exudes very strong influence of Middle Eastern flairs. Bright, vibrant and nothing overly elaborated.

Also, don’t forget to have a good read on the infographics on the table. It explains the main ingredients used in typical Egyptian dishes – rice, pasta, lentils, and Middle Eastern spices any other Arab fare – which combine as one comfort food at its finest.

So, all the dishes we are having today are the timesless Egyptian classics savoured from the streets to royal palaces, prepared with love using the homemade recipes passed down from family to family.

Upon being seated, we are treated with the welcoming snack – Crisp toast with TUT’s fiery chilli dip – before indulging into the Egyptian gourmet.

(From Left to Right) Egyptian Lemon Mint @ RM8.00
(Citrusy lemon and sharp mint in milk concoction)
Sobya Milk @ RM7.50
(Milky sweet coconut drink)
Tropical Tamarind @ RM7.50
(Exotic aged tamarind drink similar to the local “Asam Boi”) 
Kiwi Pineapple Mixer @ RM8.00
(Kiwi, pineapple, what else can give Vitamin C boost more htan this?)

The first 3 are timeless Egyptian beverages which are commonly prepared at every Egyptian home to beat the heat and quench thirst, while the one on most right is a modern blend of fruity goodness to deliver all the vitamins you need.

My personal favourite goes to the Sobya Milk which tickles my taste buds with smooth lingering sweetness and strong aroma of coconut milk. Slightly thick, but neither too creamy nor filing for my liking. I heard it is the “must-have beverage” during Buka Puasa (Muslim’s fast breaking) in Egypt too. Interesting!

Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew @ RM9.90

The soup arrives first as the starter, but this warm bowl of finely chopped Molokhia leaf stew is not an ordinary soup. The Egyptians love cooking it with lots of spices such as fine butter, garlic, coriander, cumin and black pepper to make it an extremely savoury stew.

I am delighted that there is no “raw earthy” taste in it at all, and the aroma of butter does help to enhance the flavours well. Since it is served with a choice of side, we choose the Egyptian-style “Royal Rice”. The aromatic flavoured rice is slightly sweet on its own, and pairs well with the leafy stew as a comfort meal for light eaters.

Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl @ RM14.30

Our star of the day is no other than this staple Egyptian dish which is widely available all over Egypt, from street stalls to restaurants. Back in the olden days, Egyptians cannot afford having meat in every meal, hence they have Koshari - a delightful blend of pasta, rice, lentils, onions and beans that yield an absolutely delicious harmony of aroma and taste.

Although it is dubbed as the "poor man's food", the taste isn't poor at all! TUT's version is served with tomato sauce, TUT’s chilli sauce, chick peas, lentils, and fried onions - all are refillable as much as you wish. Mix the ingredients together, and enjoy every spoonful with bursting flavours of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury!

Oh I don't mind having healthy carbs like these!

Herbal Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice + Vegetables (Original/Spicy) @ RM25.90

Surprises come one after another. The slow-grilled chicken served on a hot plate is, again, not an ordinary "chicken chop" dish. Thanks to TUT’s secret herbs and sauces, the chicken is rich in exotic Egyptian flavours - so tender and aromatic with the charness on point. It tastes better than any BBQ chicken I've ever tried! The complementing handpicked potatoes, bell peppers and rice are just perfect for a hearty meal.

Available in 3 options, in case if you don't fancy much rice / vegetables:
 Herbal Hot Plate Chicken + Vegetables + Baked Rice
 Herbal Hot Plate Chicken + Baked Rice
 Herbal Hot Plate Chicken + Vegetables

Tut’s Dynasty Fries / Sweet Potato Fries @ RM4.50 per portion

If you feel like having more side dishes to perfect the meal, there are 11 options to choose from! I go for the two best-selling fries with an interesting twist of flavours, and I have never thought that the fries can be so special here.

Tut's Dynasty Fries is breaded with TUT’s secret herbs for a tastier, fuller flavour to the crisp potatoes. Be warned, once hooked, you may not be able to stop munching these yummy fries!

Whereas the Herbs-coated Sweet Potato Fries are classic favourites. Overall, it is ideal for communal sharing as it keeps the streams of conversations going. Best served with the oh-so-cheesy homemade TUT’s Cheesy Sauce!


To put a sweet endnote to our Egyptian gastronomic journey, we pick the top 3 crowd’s favourites among the 5 types of desserts available on the menu, which are also the classics created since the ancient Egypt.

Roz b Laban Creamy Delight @ RM 6.85

"Roz B Laban" simply translates to "Rice and Milk" in the Egyptian dialect. Traditionally it is eaten during breakfast as it is the most crucial time of the day to get that high energy boost. With a little twist to the dish, it can also be a delicious dessert that pleases the palate with cool sweet flavours of milk and vanilla.

Nutty Nile Nougat @ RM7.50

My eyes are wide open with excitement when I see "Nougat" on the dessert menu. I mean, I am a super fan of nougat snack bars, but this is my first time having deconstructed nougat in a glass. Digging into the chilled creamy concoction, I discover loads of crunchy almond chunks in every spoonful that adds biting pleasure to the sweet treat.

Om Ali Bread Pudding @ RM9.80

If you prefer something sweeter, try this traditional Egyptian dessert. The base is pretty similar to the Western-style bread pudding, so soft and warm with strong milky flavours. Topping it off with two mini scoops of Sangkaya's Coconut or Gula Melaka ice cream adds an interesting local twist to the dessert and balances it with coolness that leaves you wanting more.

Overall, an amazing Egyptian affair with local and Western twists that is ideal for friends and families alike.
2. The dishes here are suited for local taste buds, and I find that the main ingredients i.e. spices used in Egyptian cuisine are easily acceptable. Nothing shocking, all pleasing to the palate.
3. Must try: Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl and Herbal Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice

Tut's Egyptian Eatery
LG333A New Wing
(next to the Rainforest)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Instagram: @tutsmy
Business Hours: 10am-10pm daily

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