26 October, 2017

Fook Kee Taiwanese Food @ Hup May Coffee Shop, Kota Damansara

Are you up for some Taiwanese delights?

People often say, one of the best food in town is always hawker food. True indeed, I have recently discovered a hidden gem in Hup May (合味茶餐室) Casual Coffee Shop, located at the vibrant neighbourhood of Kota Damansara. Fook Kee, one of the popular stalls in this coffee shop, is the creator of unique noodles and rice dishes using Taiwanese braised pork ("Lu Rou" / 滷肉).

The stall is easily noticeable with its red 'signage'. To get there, you can park at Sunway Nexis and walk across, or just commute there via MRT - either way is pretty convenient.

Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice (台湾卤肉饭) @ RM7.00

The No.1 crowd's favourite here is the Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan, which is served in a 'mountain of goodness' in a bowl. Unlike those I had in Taiwan, the amount of meat in the Lu Rou Fan here is so generous.

What surprises me is the pleasant biting pleasure created from the beautiful medley of ingredients found in this wholesome bowl - chunks of pork belly, pork slices, minced pork and braised peanuts - all drenched in thick, aromatic concoction of premium soy sauce, dark sauce and premium rice wine.
The photo above shows how generous the portion is!

When I mix everything together, it just feels so good on the mouth and satisfies the tummy well! For only RM7, this is certainly a steal. I mean, where else can you find Lu Rou Fan with so much meat, egg and peanuts?

Deep Fried Pork Noodles (炸猪扒面) @ RM7.50
Choice: Soup (Roasted Pork Broth) / Dry (With Black Sauce)
Noodle: Thick / Thin noodles

A nice variation from the usual staple rice is the Pork Noodles, available in both dry and soup version. Similar to the Lu Rou Fan, the noodles can literally be named as "Lu Rou Mian" (卤肉面) as it is crowned with equally generous amount of braised pork, hard-boiled egg and braised peanuts.

An additional component in this bowl is the crisp-tender deep fried pork chop that tastes deliciously savoury and is not dry at all.

Braised Pork Chinese Crullers (卤肉油炸鬼)

A special treat from the owner of Fook Kee - Braised Pork Chinese Crullers (卤肉油炸鬼) - is an off-menu item but the friends / regulars are lucky to be able to try this unique snack dish. Don't worry, you can probably show them this blog post if you want to order this item :P When the spicy soy sauce seeps into the crunchy crullers, the spicy-savoury flavour actually gets us hooked easily.

It feels like having a totally different level of sloppy beef nachos!


Although the food here seems to be simple hawker fare, I truly appreciate how Fook Kee injects elements of creativity into each dish to enhance its taste, texture and flavour. If you are up for good quality yet affordable cheap eats, here's the right place to have your hearty breakfast or lunch.

Fook Kee @ Hup May Coffee Shop

(Corner lot, opposite Cookie Nation)
15, Jalan PJU 5/4,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,

Business Hours: 7am - 2.30pm everyday
(Fook Kee usually opens at 8am, till 2pm)

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