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28 October, 2017

[BEAUTY] Review: Cellise Ionised Honey Serum

Oh hey, honey! Are you a fan of honey when it comes to skincare / beauty products? 

I have tried several types of honey series products but this is my first time trying an Ionised Honey Serum. What’s so special about this serum? It is the unique ionisation mechanism that brings out the best of the golden Manuka honey.

Cellise Ionised Honey Serum (15ml)

Initially I am abit skeptical because undoubtedly, Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is relatively new in the beauty market. But the product gains its popularity quickly! Launched since March 2015, over 30,000 bottles have been sold exclusively online.

As soon as I learn that it is made of pure natural ingredients and best quality honey, I am eager to try.

Cellise Ionised Honey Serum contains mainly the highest grade of MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey (that's suited for skin therapy), an exceptionally rich content of at least 400 mg/kg of methylglyoxal natural compound in Manuka plant. No doubt it is dubbed as the elixir of youthfulness and longevity!

Having said that, Manuka Honey alone can’t bring out the best of its benefits.
The enzymes in the Manuka honey need to be ionised.

The revolutionary patented formula from Australia

Technology wise, Cellise is, by far, the only skincare company in the world that has introduced a unique ionisation process when formulating the serum to combat fine lines and pigmentations.

How does ionisation work?

Upon application, the serum triggers regeneration of negative ions (primarily oxygen molecules) into our skin for “cellular energy”. As we age, our cells start to lose these Negative Ions. Therefore, by replenishing the lost ions through Cellise Ionised Honey Serum, we can slow down the aging process.

Some benefits of this mineral-rich and antioxidant-rich serum are:
 Boost collagen
 Increase metabolism
 Regenerate skin cells
 Rejuvenate skin

Looking at the benefits alone, it seems to be just another serum product in the market – I’m not impressed until I try it out myself. The result can be seen instantaneously within the first usage itself!

My Personal Experience

Although the bottle only contains 15ml of golden goodness, it can actually last for 2-4 months because you only need one pump of serum for the entire face. I personally use it only at night, so a little can really go a long way for me.

How To Use:

After cleansing and toning, apply one pump of serum evenly onto the face (including eye area and lips). You can either
(1) Leave it on, then apply moisturizer and day/night cream; or
(2) Wash off after 10 minutes of application

Important: Remember to shake well before use!
*Be careful if you use it on wounds/scars as it may cause tingling sensation.

Simple, straight-forward and convenient to bring around for travelling.

Thick liquid type of serum which is very spreadable and easily absorbed into the skin upon applying a thin layer.

Feeling after use: 

 Initially, it feels slightly sticky on the skin. But after a week or so, I sort of get used to it,
and I don’t feel as sticky when I put on moisturizer / night cream on top of the serum.


Fantastic result! I always have small zits on my forehead, so I apply the serum (without any other product) and leave it overnight. On the next day, as you can see from the above picture, the zits have subsided significantly and the redness is gone.

It works well under the eyes too, to reduce saggy eye bags / dark circles / crow’s feet. Another thing I love about it is the lightweight texture that is easily absorbed by the under-eye area, without causing any sensitive reactions as compared to some overly strong / concentrated eye cream.

Since it is all natural, you can apply lightly onto the lips too. In case you’re wondering, it does not give the same sweetness like honey.

Pretty neutral for me, since it is almost scentless.

Disadvantage: The serum may be lacking of some moisturizing functions.
So make sure you put on your moisturizer to replenish moisture of the skin.

Overall Verdict: 

If you are looking for pure, all-natural products with solid science foundation and able to deliver fast and long-lasting effects, you may consider investing in the Cellise Honey Serum. No regrets, I promise!

Cellise Ionised Honey Serum retails at RM388 per bottle for non-members.

For membership / purchasing inquiries, please visit:
Instagram: @celliseskincare

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