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13 October, 2017

Sweet Afternoon with New Zealand Whittaker's Chocolates

Hello, my favourite Whittaker's! 

Imagine sipping on some coffee while indulging in the New Zealand-made Whittaker's chocolate on a fine afternoon.... How perfect is that! Whittaker's may be something familiar to us in Malaysia, but I am surprised that it has actually been around for over 120 years now.

Variants of Whittaker's Chocolates, the New Zealand's Most Trusted Brand

Whittaker's, a family-owned brand is the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the whole manufacturing process from bean to bar. So, it is world-class quality guaranteed!

To cater for the local market, Whittaker's core range is Halal-certified and features a variety of flavours such as:
❤ Almond Gold (Best-selling flavour!!)
❤ 5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk Block
❤ 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana 
❤ Dark Almond
❤ Dark Peppermint 

*Available in 200g Blocks, 50g Slabs, 50g Chunks and Mini Slabs

Did you spot some packaged in classic motive-printed wrapper? They are the Whittaker's premium chocolate range, the Artisan Collection (100g each) which combine interesting ingredients into one chocolate bar such as:

❤ Fijian Ginger and Kerikeri Mandarin in Dark Chocolate
❤ Wellington Roasted Supreme Coffee in Dark Chocolate 
❤ Nelson Pear and Manuka Honey in Milk Chocolate 
❤ Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittles in Milk Chocolate 

During our afternoon date, we have Matt Whittaker, the Head of International Markets for Whittaker's Chocolate here with us to keep feeding us with chocolate knowledge and of course the truly indulgent chocolate bars too! 

Our chocolate tasting session begins now! If you are a Whittaker's chocolate lover like me,
I am sure you would be in love with all the classic and unique flavours.

Do you know that you not only can enjoy Whittaker's chocolates directly but also can use them for cooking your favourite chocolate desserts? Special thanks to Chef Faizah for the cooking demonstration that shows us how easy it is to make Whittaker's chocolate cupcakes drizzled with its premium chocolate sauce.

Time to decorate our very own personalized cupcake! 

Whittaker's Chocolates go pretty well with almost anything nutty and fruity - Simply add some raspberries and almond flakes to give a twist of flavours and balance out the sweetness of the cupcake.
Don't forget, sweet indulgence is best enjoyed with lovely friends!

Whittaker's is widely available in West Malaysia and there'll be more products coming soon into Malaysia such as:
❤ Limited Edition Lemon and Paeroa Sharebag
 Limited Edition Dark Orange 50% Cocoa Sharebag
❤ Coconut Block and Sharebag
❤ Limited Edition Artisan Hawke’s Bay Black Doris Plum and Roasted Almonds 50% Cocoa
 Limited Edition Artisan Single Origin Samoan Cacao 64% Cocoa

Can't wait to try out the new flavours soon!

For more information about Whittaker's, please visit:

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