07 December, 2017

Hoshino Coffee Japanese Cafe @ Mid Valley, KL

Fans of coffee and Japanese desserts can rejoice because
the famous Japanese coffee chain, Hoshino Coffee has just hit the shore of Malaysia!

Imagine yourself indulging into the soft, fluffy soufflé while sipping on the signature Hoshino Blend Coffee in a fine afternoon; what a relaxing experience it is! Established in Japan since 2011, Hoshino Coffee is finally here in Malaysia to bring us various unique and delicious desserts, coffee and main courses from the land of the rising sun.

​Today, Hoshino Coffee has more than 180 outlets in Japan and a growing presence in Singapore, South Korea and China, whereas in Malaysia, the first outlet has landed in Mid Valley City -- located right next to the entrance of The Gardens Mall (next to the fountain area, opposite Starbucks Mid Valley).

This two-storey outlet exudes a cosy Japanese cafe ambience which is pretty casual on the ground floor,
and more posh on the second floor.

Look at the beautiful chandeliers! Isn’t this space beautiful and Instagram-worthy?
Perfect for any occasions be it casual dining or special celebrations.

Given the name of the brand, surely we have some expectations towards the distinctive quality of coffee served here. The coffee is brought by Doutor Coffee, an experienced coffee bean roaster since over 50 years ago cum the largest coffee chain in Japan now.

Hoshino Blend Coffee (Hand Drip Coffee) @ RM12.90

Hoshino's premium hand-dripped coffee uses the specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans hand-picked by its very own coffee blend specialist, Master Kanno. Coffee lovers would love the rich, full-bodied flavour of the original blend that yields a well-balanced mild taste.

Japanese Milk Coffee @ RM13.90
4 Flavours available:
Raspberry Chocolate
Honey Nut
Mint Chocolate
Strawberry Banana

If you prefer having your coffee with milk, try the delicious customisable Japanese Milk Coffee. Simply add the condensed milk and syrup into the coffee blend according to your preference :)

Hot Matcha Latte @ RM14.90

Non-coffee drinkers have plenty of beverage options here too such as Japanese matcha, fruit tea, Kirin beer etc. For myself, of course I go for my favourite green tea latte which is served in a Japanese-style bowl with a shot of syrup (if you like it sweeter). To my delight, it turns out to be pleasantly sweet, smooth and rich in milk flavour. Recommended!


Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Chicken Bacon, Shimeji & Chicken Sausage @ RM19.90

Moving to the main courses, we see plenty of pasta and rice selections specially crafted to suit the Asian taste. The No.1 must-try item here is the signature Hoshino Spaghetti, a very well-portioned savoury pasta with lots of condiments. I personally enjoy the blend of gooey egg and other ingredients which make the dish so savoury and filling.

Salmon Spaghetti with Wasabi Cream Sauce @ RM26.90

If you prefer something creamier, try this! Unlike an ordinary carbonara, the sauce used here has a faint hint of wasabi that tickles the tastebuds. I love how the lightness of the sauce adds flavours to the dish without overwhelming the palate at all.

Seafood Paella @ RM26.90

Interestingly, we spot a classic Spanish dish on the Japanese fusion menu here, so why not give it a try? We enjoy the injection of seafood goodness into the already flavoursome rice. However, it could be a winning taste if the overall texture is slightly more moist.

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken @ RM23.90

Rice lovers should try the Japanese-style curry rice here because it explodes in the mouth with spicy sweet goodness! To my liking, the rice is not too wet yet every spoonful is well-coated with the creamy curry sauce. Again, the portion is perfect for a big eater, otherwise I'd recommend it for sharing.

Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter (With Rice or Toast) @ RM29.90
You can find Western style main course here too :) Great for meat lovers!

Pot-Baked Soufflé @ RM15.90
3 Flavours available: Vanilla with Custard Sauce / Vanilla with Chocolate Sauce / Matcha

Apart from Hoshino's famous hand drip coffee, the light and airy French classic soufflé is another main highlight here. Trust me, the soufflé is totally worth the 20-minute wait, especially my favourite Matcha Soufflé which is least sweet among all 3.

Every spoonful of the smooth and rich custard melts perfectly in the mouth and seals the palate with sweet notes. Highly recommended!

Pancake Soufflé (Double) @ RM18.90

Another type of soufflé served here comes in a thick pancake style. As it is lacking of sweetness on its own, a drizzle of Maple Syrup or Honey Syrup would do a great job.

French Toast @ RM17.90

Similarly, the French toast is also one of the crowd's favourite dessert here.
Enjoy it when it is still hot, before the whipped cream melts away!

1. From coffee and desserts to the main courses, the Japanese fusion style food is very well played here. The fresh, interesting and unique comfort fare suits both young and old in Malaysia.
2. Price and portion wise, I have no complaints at all, considering the generosity in using premium ingredients and the strategic location of the restaurant. Ideal for lunch among corporate crowd and casual hangout for families and friends.
3. Recommended: Hoshino’s Signature Spaghetti, Pot-Baked Curry Rice, Soufflé 

Hoshino Coffee
No.27-G, Ground Floor,
(Opposite Starbucks) The Boulevard,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
 +63-2391 9020
Website: https://hoshinocoffeemsia.wixsite.com/hoshino-coffee
Facebook: fb.com/hoshinocoffeemalaysia
Instagram: @hoshinocoffeemsia

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