25 December, 2017

Review: SHAPEE Shapewear for Slimming

People who see me often would realise I have been gaining quite a fair bit of weight lately :( All thanks to the never-ending celebrations and late night suppers. While I have been doing more workouts recently, I also try to control my food intake, and try out different slimming products. So I have gotten myself some specialised shapewear from SHAPEE.

SHAPEE brand was founded in 2012 and is the one of the leading brand of modern shapewear and maternity products with over 50,000 satisfied customers in Malaysia and Singapore. Today, it is very well-known for its innovative Japan 3D Micro Massage Technology incorporated in its wide range of shaping tops and bottoms, which helps slim, smooth, and lift without compromising on comfort or fit.

Just to try out, I have gotten the two best-selling items from SHAPEE -- Body Shaper and Waist Shaper.

Shapee 2-way Body Shaper

The Body Shaper is a one-piece top for the upper body, covering the areas from shoulder to lower stomach. Made from the breathable, stretchable high quality materials such as elastane and spandex, the Body Shaper wraps around the body well. To enable total flexibility, the bra straps are adjustable too.

The double-layer material is very 'breathable' and comfortable on the skin.

It is body-hugging, but still comfortable for me to wear it for long hours. Although it is recommended to wear for 5 to 8 hours everyday, I usually don't wear it for too long, so that the Body Shaper is able to "rest" and regain its flexibility after being stretched.

How to Wear:
1. Roll up the 2-way Body Shaper slowly and wear from the strap.
2. Adjust the strap, bust and waistline to fit the body in good shape comfortably.

Shapee Waist Shaper

As for the Waist Shaper, it uses the same Japanese 3D micro-massage technology but targets only at the waist area up to the lower back area. It can help increase blood circulation and metabolism for fat burning on every body movement but I find it a little difficult to wear or remove sometimes. Nevertheless, I love how the thick black fabric is very elastic and able to wrap around the waist comfortably for long hours.

The most important thing is that the extremely elastic fabric is not the type that makes me sweat! Unlike the traditional shapewear, SHAPEE products are generally more flexible and cater better for modern women.

If you wanna look good and feel confident, it is time to add SHAPEE shapewear into your wardrobe.
I believe SHAPEE is the essential wardrobe basics every woman should own!

For purchases or further information about SHAPEE, please visit:

Email: info@theshapee.com
Contact: +607-5547488
Working Hours: 9am - 6pm weekdays only

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