13 February, 2018

[Fashion] Online Shopping Haul from Rosegal

Hello! ❤ Chinese New Year is approaching very soon, and it is always the best time to pamper myself with new clothes, new hair etc. If you know me, I often shop online especially from overseas website because the varieties are much more than those in local stores.

So this is my first time shopping from Rosegal, an online fashion store that sells all kinds of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc. Seriously it is a hugeee fashion galore for me!

Here are the items I got this round: A shoulder bag and 5 pairs of earrings, all in very good quality and true to pictures.

 Carry A One-Shouldered Shoulder Bag (Coffee)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Do you know that tartan prints are in trend now? I love everything in plaids, so I have gotten my first ever shoulder bag in this design, that comes along with vintage style buckle details and two shoulder straps of different thickness.

For this size, only the basics (wallet, phone, keys, etc) can fit comfortably into the bag. Personally, it is not very convenient for me as I always have to carry a camera along wherever I go.

Also, be careful not to place small items in it. I regretted for placing my favourite lipstick into the bag and then found out that it slipped out of the bag when I took out my wallet.

Sweet Heart-shaped Small Spherical Pendant Earrings (Pink + Gray)
(Direct Link: HERE)

As for the earrings, my favourite is this pair of trio heart-shaped earrings. Look how sweet it is! Good to go with any casual outfit.

Basically the rest are dangling earrings embellished with rhinestones in different colors, because I really have a soft spot towards sparkly designs and long dangling style. If you worry that the design may be too 'loud' or exaggerating, then don't worry, they are actually quite subtle when paired with the right outfit.

Even a simple dress can flaunt the beauty of these earrings. Whether you prefer wearing them everyday or during dinners / special functions, I think they can fit into all occasions.

Faux Gem Rhinestone Tassel Teardrop Earrings (White)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Rhinestone Sparkly Teardrop Earrings (Coffee)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Rhinestone Floral Statement Drop Earrings (Pink)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Leaf Water Drop Rhinestone Earrings (White)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Overall, how do you like my shopping haul? Looking forward to share with you guys my next round of online purchases soon.
Feel free to hop over to Rosegal and start shopping now!

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