07 February, 2018

[NEW MENU] Caffe Bene "Ultra Violet" Purple Sweet Potato Desserts

Are you a fan of Purple Sweet Potato?

I have always been a fan of Korean desserts and one thing I love about Caffe Bene is the exciting seasonal menu that it introduces from time to time. After the popular Mango and Nutella dessert series, this season we see the appearance of something purple in store -- Purple Sweet Potato! 

So we are here at Caffe Bene outlet in 1 Utama shopping mall for our after-meal desserts. This double-storey outlet is located at the entrance of the open carpark in front of AEON Jusco, so you can easily see it from outside. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Series
 Bingsu @ RM29.90
Frappeno @ RM16.90
Latte (Hot / Cold) @ RM14.90
Waffle @ RM18.90 

Using sweet potato as the main ingredient, the newly-introduced Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato dessert series comprises 5 items namely the bingsu (shaved ice with condiments), frappeno (ice blended drinks), hot and cold latte (foamy sweet potato and milk beverage) and waffle.  

Look at the lilac purple desserts, aren't they lovely?

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Bingsu @ RM29.90

Among all the 5 items, my personal favourite goes to the huge bowl of bingsu because it is heavily loaded with crunchy granola, bouncy agar pearls and special edition purple sweet potato gelato on top of the smooth shaved ice. 

Look at the generous amount of toppings! The purple sweet potato gelato is extremely creamy and flavourful. Unlike those artificial flavouring out there, the gelato actually tastes as if we are having the real sweet potato itself. Delicious and great for sharing too. 

Look what we have found there! There is a huge chunk of sweet potato mash hidden in the icy cold concoction. 
What a sweet surprise.

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Waffle @ RM18.90 

If you enjoy the crisp Belgian waffle here, try the sweet potato version. Similar to the bingsu, it is crowned with a big scoop of sweet potato gelato and crunchy granola. Again, I don't mind having another scoop of sweet potato ice cream here. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Frappeno @ RM16.90

As for the beverages, we go for an icy cold cup of sweet potato ice blended drink. Creamy thick yet not overly sweet, it is a great thirst quencher on the go. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Latte (Hot) @ RM14.90

Of course, there is always something that warms the stomach on the menu. I think this cup of hot sweet potato latte would be great for those who prefer something not so filling and less sweet. It exudes a delicious aroma of sweet potato and feels smooth when going down the throat. Ideal for a cold, windy evening. 

A special mention to the ambiance of Caffe Bene 1 Utama outlet -- The upper floor is very quiet and tranquil, making it a great place for friends to meet and enjoy some dessert time together with more privacy. Feel free to bring your laptop and spend some alone time there with some Korean coffee perhaps. 

Caffe Bene "Ultra Violet" Purple Sweet Potato dessert series is available only for a limited time.
So, do give it a try before you miss it!

For more information about Caffe Bene Malaysia, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/caffebene.asia
Instagram: @caffebenemy


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