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07 April, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: NUViT Anti-Acne Skincare Series should I get rid of acne?

Of late, I notice that my skin condition has been getting real bad. It's something that we all worry about since we live in the age of perfection. Having access to sources like can give you some relief. Whatever brand you choose to help you, a bit of research is always necessary beforehand. 

After some considerations, I have decided to change my current skincare regime to an all-new anti-acne series by NUViT

Made in Taiwan, NUViT Anti-Acne Series uses 3 simple steps to achieve acne control effect: Spot, Entire and Enhance, using very concentrated formulation by combining science and natural plant extracts. It is also free from harmful ingredients, alcohol-free and non-allergenic. 

Targetted for oily skin that is prone to acne, scars and comedones, the exclusive ingredient NUViT's AC-Pure™ helps:
❤ Improve keratinocytes metabolism
❤ Regulate sebum production
❤ Anti-bacterial function
❤ Soothe inflammation
❤ Shrink pores

Overall, it not only helps eliminate acne, blackheads, whiteheads and reduce pore size, but also keeps the skin fresh and supple.

For those with comedones (blackheads / whiteheads), acne and oily skin issue, all you need is just to follow the 3 steps:
#1. Acne and Blemishes Prevention Concentrate
#2. Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid
#3. Acne Purifying Gel

Step 1: Spot (using the anti-acne agent)
Acne and Blemishes Prevention Concentrate (30ml) @ RM47.90

Key ingredients: Zinc oxide, tea tree oil, 2% Salicylic acid
Functions: Purify pores, prevent acne and control oil

How To Use: After cleansing, apply product onto palm / cotton pad to dip and apply on affected area.
*Shake well before use
*Best to use twice daily: Morning and evening

Texture / Feel: ★★★★
The white liquid texture is similar to the toner. Very fluid and easy to absorb quickly into the skin.

Benefits: ★★★★
It helps remove blackheads and whiteheads while purifying and shrinking pores,
all thanks to the strong antibacterial and oil-control properties.

I find that it smells like medicinal fluid that may not attract me.

Step 2: Entire (oil-control essential!)
Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid (30ml) @ RM36.90

Ingredients: 0.5% Salicylic acid, AC.NET, tea tree oil
Functions: Acne prevention, pore tightening and oil control

How To Use: Apply sufficiently on the entire face and massage gently until fully absorbed.
*Best to use twice daily: Morning and evening

Texture / Feel: ★★★★☆
The translucent purifying fluid is very lightweight and spreads well across the skin without
leaving any sticky residue. I love how it gives a mild cooling sensation on the skin as well.

Benefits: ★★★★
Packed with antibacterial properties, the gel moisturises, soothes and repairs skin
while regulating its oil-water balance and reducing pore size.

Step 3: Enhance (acne-free booster)
Acne Purifying Gel (15ml) @ RM32.90

Key Ingredients: 2% Salicylic acid, AC.NET, tea tree oil
Functions: Correct imperfections, dissolve blackheads and unclog pores

The star product in this series, Acne Purifying Gel is targetted specially on the acne area to provide 24-hour rapid breakout control by preventing the 5 signs of acne problems:
❤ Clogged pores
❤ Comedones (Blackheads / whiteheads) 
❤ Pustules (Small zits) 
❤ Acne spots, oily skin
❤ Redness

How To Use: After cleansing, apply appropriately onto acne or inflamed area.
*Best to use for emergency breakout.

Texture / Feel: ★★★
The lightweight gel feels slightly cooling on the skin and is able to reduce the redness instantly.

Benefits: ★★★★
I love how it gives an instant acne relief with its strong anti-inflammation properties.
After several uses, I notice it helps heal the acne wounds and remove scar quickly.

It smells slightly like tea tree oil with mild minty sensation.

Few days later...
The result is indeed pretty good! The overall acne condition has improved
as the redness becomes slightly and the zits have subsided too.

Overall, NUViT's Anti-acne series works effectively on my acne condition. For those with acne-prone skin with open/closed blackheads/whiteheads, large pores or oily skin issues, this is something you can consider!

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @nuvitmy
Product Info Line: 1800-88-3679
Ordering Line: 1800-88-3027


  1. i just recently using this product. is it normal if my skin feels "tight" after?

  2. This product is very good! I've been thru a very bad breakout last month (march) and I've been using this product for a month now and the result is fastastic! I love it but sometimes it is hard to find this product. I bought mine in Sarawak Malaysia and hard to find in Semenanjung Malaysia, where I study now. Hopefully someone can tell me where can I get this here (SM) 😄


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