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08 June, 2018

KILORUN BALI 2018 - Eat, Run & Travel around Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Woohoo, KILORUN Bali 2018 I'm here!

If you have been following my Instastory or Instagram, I’m sure you’d know I love running almost every morning and participating in fun runs. Courtesy of AirAsia, I am really excited to be part of the coolest run I have ever participated and it is held in one of the world’s most popular travel destinations -- Bali, Indonesia!

KILORUN Bali 2018

So what's so unique about this running festival, KILORUN? The run is a combination of eating, running and travelling because it is not measured only with kilometres (KM), but also measured in kilograms (KG). Does it mean running and losing weight? No! Our mission is to gain weight while travelling! 

KILORUN Bali 2018 is a 2-day event which comprises of 2 parts:

Day 1: KG or Kilogram
KG is the walking/running route measured by kilograms. Runners can taste all kinds of popular local Balinese food while passing by the iconic landmarks of Ubud, Bali during the run. After the race is done, runners gaining weight more than or equal to 0.5 KG and 1KG will receive the special KG medal! So, eat MORE!

Day 2: KM or Kilometre
For 3km, 5km and 10km running route, you don't just run like any ordinary fun run. This is a journey to remember, as the KM route is designed for us to pass by iconic attractions of Ubud, Bali. Runners will get a chance to experience the cultures, architectures and iconic landmarks along the route. So, run, stop and TAKE PICTURES! 

KILORUN Kilogram foodie adventure takes place one day before the Kilometre mini marathon.
The first thing we do upon arriving at the starting point is to measure our weight before eating.

I notice I am not the only one flying to Bali for KILORUN, as I see plenty of international joiners there too. Some even dress up in various costumes as there are amazing prizes awaiting the best-dressed participant!

Since KILORUN is a joint collaboration between Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd., the people's favourite budget airline and Index Creative Village Plc., the world’s 7-ranking event and advertising company, AirAsia has a special booth for runners to enjoy some VR experiences pre or post-running, as well as solving cube block puzzles to win KILORUN plush toys.

Time to put on our stylish apron and EAT!

From our gathering point, Ubud Monkey Forest, we have 10 pit stops along the food trail where our tummy is treated with a wide variety of signature Balinese dishes from the popular local restaurants. Let's begin chowing down the yummy treats...

1. Sate Lilit from The Legend Cafe Ubud
The Balinese grilled minced meat satay exudes lovely aroma of grated coconut and spices.
So mouth-watering and perfect as a starter for our foodie adventure.

2. Balinese Mixed Rice from Bali Pesto
As for the Balinese version of mixed rice, the fragrant rice is accompanied with sate lilit, ayam
betutu, egg and vegetables; all cooked with typical Balinese spice mix for more robust flavours.

Along the route, we are serenaded by the traditional music amidst the culture-rich atmosphere.

3. Chicken Rica Rica from Ibu Rai
Rica-rica is a hot and spicy bumbu (spice mixture) that are often used to season meat, seafood
or chicken. For those who love spicy food, Chicken Rica Rica is something I'd recommend.

P/S: The crispy nut cracker is extra crunchy and delicious! 

4. Taliwang Chicken from Gedong Sisi
The spicy Indonesian grilled chicken dish from Lombok is also one of our favourites!

Along the route, there is always time for sightseeing as the streets in Ubud are packed with Hindu temples and wonderful architecture. What an amazing experience of the local tradition and cultural authenticity of Bali! 

5. Chicken Betutu from Cafe Betutu
Another variant of the Balinese chicken is the steamed chicken in rich bumbu betutu spice.

6. Fried Rice and Noodles from Booth by TBA

Glad to see plenty of beautiful temples and stop by for some photos with the beautiful Balinese lady during our foodie run.

7. Crispy Duck from Bebek Bengil
Balinese No.1 Deep Fried Soft Bone Duck!

8. Bubur Ayam Bali
The porridge is so different from what I used to have! It comes with noodles, eggs, 
vegetables and peanuts to lend more flavours to the thick and smooth porridge bowl.

9. Loloh Cemcem from Alaya Ubud
The green-colored drink (top right) is a refreshing treat to the throat when blended with ice. Interestingly, it actually has 4 unique flavors -- spicy, sour, salty and sweet -- all mixed in the concoction.

10. Traditional Indonesian Kuih Dessert
The Kuih varieties are pretty similar to what we grow up eating in Malaysia.

11. Es Campur Dessert
The Es Campur (bottom right) looks similar to our ABC Ice Kacang,
but flavour wise, it is actually savoury instead of sweet. Interesting, huh?

After 2 hours of food hunting, we finally reach the end point and earn our medals!

Hooray, we are awarded with this satay-shaped race medals after being able to gain the required weight (depends on your committed weight gain: 0.5 kg or 1.0 kg) after crossing the finish line. The feeling of accomplishment with a bunch of good friends is just indescribable! 

Let's call it a night after the KG run and get ourselves ready for KM run on the following day!

In the next morning....
Kilometre (KM) Run : It's time to shed the pounds we gain last night!

As much as I wish to enjoy my sleep a little longer, I am more excited for my 5km running challenge to explore the township of Ubud. We arrive at the gathering point, Ubud Monkey Forest Reserve around 5.50am, while the 10km runners have just flagged off. 

Participants can opt or 3km, 5km or 10km running route, each of which is completed with 
several local attractions which you can stop by and take pictures.

As a casual runner, I opt for the 5km route which passes by a total of 9 iconic architectural stops such as:
❤ Ubud Monket Forest
❤ Balai Banjar Ubud Kelod
❤ The Blanco Renaissance Museum
❤ Pura Gunung Lebah
❤ Museum Puri Lukisan
❤ Pura Desa
❤ Ubud Palace
❤ Ubud Market
❤ Pura Taman Sari

......and many more beautiful sceneries, historical sites and amazing people we meet along the route.

I am glad that I actually opt for the 5km running route, because I get to slow down my running pace and observe the lifestyle of the locals. It is not my first time travelling to Bali, but Bali has never been so beautiful until I spend my time exploring Ubud in such an unique way. 

Yeayy, mission accomplished for all of us! 

Congratulations to all the participants who finish the route at the shortest time for each category!

Here are the most unique medals I have ever received after the 2-day running festival.

But the biggest reward, to me, is definitely the unforgettable experiences of exploring Ubud which is culturally opulent in terms of food and architecture, together with my friends. 

Overall Verdict:

This is my first time joining such a cool and fun running festival where I can do running, eating and travelling in such a beautiful paradise! The overall experience is just so blissful and yet healthy at the same time. 

Highly recommended for friends and families of all ages from all walks of life.
Looking forward to the next KILORUN in another iconic city!

KILORUN Osaka 2018
Venue: Osaka Castle Park
Date: 30 September 2018
Online Ticketing: KILORUN Website

It’s okay if you have missed KILORUN Bali 2018 because KILORUN is coming to Osaka, Japan this September and Hanoi, Vietnam towards the end of the year. I am sure that this international running festival will gain attention from stars, celebrities and public figures to also flock in and challenge their best limits.

Aren't the uniquely-designed medals for each KILORUN 2018 cute? 

In fact, KILORUN takes place in 4 countries this year i.e. Bangkok in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Osaka in Japan, and Hanoi in Vietnam. For each destination, the medal is specially designed to resemble the iconic food in the city and mascot of the event. How I’d wish to collect all of them!  

AirAsia Flight Promotion in conjunction to KILORUN 2018

Exclusively for KILORUN 2018 participants, AirAsia is offering special promotions to fly you to the iconic cities. Just make your booking at and enjoy various discounts and exclusive rewards for this running series. 

Like AirAsia's tagline says, "Now everyone can fly", so I hope to see you in KILORUN Osaka and Hanoi 2018! 

*The event is also sponsored by Big Loyalty, AirAsia GO, Santan, Refresh, NAO Global Co., Ltd., GET 102.5, FBT and Club Med.

For more information, please visit:
Website (Get your ticket here):
Instagram: @KILORUN2018


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