11 June, 2018

[BEAUTY REVIEW] THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola Makeup Series

Did you grow up having Coke and fries as one of your best childhood memories?  I was certainly one of those kids who got excited for a happy meal with fizzy drinks. But, when I grow up, diet is becoming more important, so I only have Coke occasionally during my cheat days. 

Now, when THE FACE SHOP introduces the world’s first ever Coca-Cola makeup line,
I am thrilled as it is totally guilt-free!

It’s the first time Coca-Cola does such an exclusive, limited-edition makeup collaboration and they have THE FACE SHOP on board for this! Comprising 6 skin-friendly items with ultra-wearable happy shades, this makeup collection wows me when I first see it.

THE FACE SHOP Coca-Cola Makeup Line consists:
 For the face: Oil Control Water Cushion and Oil Clear Blotting Pact
 For the eyes: Coke Red Eye Shadow
 For the lips: Lipstick and liptint

Featuring Coca-Cola’s signature colour, Coke Red, the eye-catching packaging brings the ol' vintage charm to live! Complete with retro-inspired pop art drawings, swirly straws and polar bear details, how can I not fall in love with them?

The best part is, all the lip products are Coca-Cola scented!
Let's see what are the items I have from THE FACE SHOP Coca-Cola makeup collection...

 Coca-Cola Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50 PA+++ (15g) @ RM130
Recharges skin with moisture and controls oil/shine

Available in 2 shades:
 V201 Light Beige
 V203 Natural Beige

For the base makeup, I have previously shared about my experience with the complete range of THE FACE SHOP Miracle Finish Cushion which includes the oil control water cushion. There you can find out more about the formula, texture, feel etc.

Nevertheless, this packaging is definitely more appealing especially for Coke collectors!

Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Eye Shadow (7g) @ RM143
9 vibrant shades in 1 palette

Among all 6 items, the most exciting one is probably the signature Coke Red Eyeshadow! The topmost left shade, Coke Red, is the trendiest shade for eye makeup right now while the remaining 8 shades are equally versatile as all of them are inspired by the sparkling freshness of Coca-Cola.

How To Use:
Use Coke Red shade along the crease of your upper lashline for a warm pop of color.
For other colors, have fun playing with them!

Texture: It is a powder type of eyeshadow that finishes the eyes with highly-pigmented shades
in matte, shimmery and glittery textures. Very easy to blend.

Feel: Smooth and velvety on the eyelids and undereye area.

What I Like: It is easy to mix and match the 9-in-1 eyeshadow palette for creating subtle or dramatic eye makeup look. Plus, the glitters have high adherence on the eyes and hence the eye makeup can last for long hours!

Coca-Cola Lipstick (4ml) @ RM78
Sweet and kissable Coca-Cola scented lippie!

Available in 5 shades:
 01 Refreshing Red
 02 Fizz Pink
 03 Ice Orange (the shade I'm using)
 04 Coke Red
 05 Vintage Red

Yay, all the lip products under this series have strong, pleasant Coca-Cola scent! Although this matte-velvet lipstick smells like real Coke, it doesn't taste anything on the lips. But I think it is the stunning packaging that makes me fall in love with it -- I mean, look at the red-and-white swirl pattern on the tube, how retro it is!

How To Use:
Trace the lip line with the pointed end of the lipstick.
Then use the flat, angled surface to shade and fill in lips.

Texture: Although matte, it is more moisturising than usual, all thanks to the Red Fruit Complex.
Color Payoff: Extremely vibrant and bold. Love it!
Feel: Easy to glide onto lips and smooth away any visible lip lines.
What I Like: It gives the pout a bold statement, with sufficient moisture and creaseless coverage.

Coke Bear Tint (6ml) @ RM78
Cutest lip stain ever!

Available in 3 shades:
 RD01 Red Label
 RD02 Coke Red (the shade I'm using)
❤ RD03 Fizzy Brown

But sometimes when I want to tone down my lip makeup, I'd use this cute lip tint for a subtle, dewy hint of translucent pinkness instead. It is not only scented with Coca-Cola, but also protects the lips with long-lasting moisture care and healthy lips look.

Packaging wise, this is definitely a love at first sight! Having such a cute Coca-Cola polar bear in a mini snowglobe cheering my day whenever I touch up my makeup is just awesome

How To Use:
For gradient effect: Apply tint onto the inner part of the lips only.
For full, striking effect: Fill in the lips completely.

Texture: Ultra lightweight, soufflé-like texture.
Feel: Wet and natural finish on the lips. 
What I Like: Versatile! The tint gives a healthy pout look in just one single stroke and is easily buildable (apply few layers) for bolder lips. 

Overall Verdict:

THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola series is probably the coolest makeup collaboration I've seen. Apart from my favourite Coke Red themed eyeshadow, the Coca-Cola scented lip products are equally amazing in terms of quirkiness, packaging and finish on the lips. Must-buy item? Coke Red Eyeshadow! 

❤ ❤ 
THE FACE SHOP X Coca-Cola will be available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets and online store (www.thefaceshop.com.my) from June 2018 onwards.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: Click HERE

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