21 June, 2018

Everydaywigs - Synthetic and Real Hair WIgs for Beginners

Everydaywigs has been a pretty cool website for those looking for synthetic wigs. For example, if you want to try out new hairstyles but are not daring enough to try it on your own hair, then getting a good quality wig is the next best option. 

Since early 2010, Everydaywigs has been dedicated to providing happy online shopping experience to our customers. Offering high quality products at affordable prices, along with quick delivery and top-tier customer service is why they have been attracting so many customers globally. 

Here are some of the cute wigs that I find pretty interesting. Let's check them out one by one....

Pastel Green Ombre Wavy Synthetic Wigs
(Direct link: HERE)

The pastel green is just so beautiful, isn't it? Each time when I want to try it on my own hair, I take a step back because I know bleaching my hair multiple times to achieve the pastel green ombre is very damaging. Hence, the wig is useful so that I can enjoy beautiful pastel hair anytime I want.

The ombre lace front wig is a two-tone wig, with darker hair color on the top and lighter hair color at the ends of the hair. Be it curly or straight, you can find this kind of wig in various colors such as blonde, pink, grey, purple and even red ombre, 

Brown/Blonde Straight Synthetic Lace Wig
(Direct link: HERE)

One of the most popular types of wigs around the world is the blonde lace front wig. As blonde is a timeless color, it is easy to match the the blonde wig with different styles to create any look, be it glamorous or playful and carefree. 

Similarly, I am amazed by the wide range of blonde wigs here as the color ranges from beach blonde to honey blonde, in both short and long hair lengths, to suit any occasions.

Balayage Ombre Dark Brown to Blonde human wigs
(Direct link: HERE)

For those with fair skin, it is easier to match different wigs with your skin tone. From the various types of human wigs for white women, I have spotted the balayage style which is darker on top and lighter at the hair ends. This type of 100% real human hair wigs are pretty unique as they are 50% machine weft at back and 50% hand-tied in front. Ideal for wig beginners! 

Feel free to check out their website for more styles that suit your personal liking :) 

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