14 July, 2018

U.S. Potato Culinary Festival Menu @ Brasserie Fritz, WOLO Bukit Bintang, KL

If you don't hang around the city centre often enough, you probably would've missed this modern bakery cum restaurant and bar called Brasserie Fritz, located on the intersection of the city's busiest streets in Bukit Bintang.

The reason we are here at this beautiful Parisian-themed space is to try out the exclusive menu in conjunction to the annual U.S. Potato Culinary Festival.

This year, U.S. Potato Board collaborates with 14 restaurants in Klang Valley to serve an exclusive limited-time menu featuring U.S. fresh and frozen potatoes. Do you know that U.S. potatoes yield only 110 calories per serving? Not only that, it is rich in potassium (more than banana!), Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. It is also free from fat, sodium and cholesterol.

The interior of Brasserie Fritz just mutes my senses as soon as I step into this elegant space.

Brasserie Fritz' 6-seater seafood counter 

Open as early as 8am, Brasserie Fritz kickstarts the day with an Australian-style hearty breakfast menu. Throughout the day, it welcomes patrons with a delicious menu that fuses traditional French cuisine with global influences, and a 6-seater seafood counter where you can indulge in the fresh air-flown Japanese ingredients prepared using European cooking techniques.

Brasserie Fritz' exclusively-designed Royal Selangor Pewter bar

As the sun sets, the two cocktail bars in the restaurant come alive
as patrons get their boozes and chill by the bar till late.

That's the creation of the masterminds behind Troika Sky Dining who made their names in bringing us Kuala Lumpur's best restaurants and bars, such as Fuego, Strato, Cantaloupe, and Mr. Chew’s Chino Latino Bar.

Brasserie Fritz has never compromised on the quality of ingredients used to prepare all the dishes, condiments, fresh bakes and desserts from scratch. Particularly on the potatoes, it uses only the premium U.S. potatoes.

In conjunction to the culinary festival, Brasserie Fritz's innovative take on U.S. russet potatoes is shown in the two dishes: Patata Bravas and Duck Confit.

Patata Bravas - U.S. Crispy potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke puree, shaved parmesan, chives, ground coffee

As soon as our appetizer is served onto the table, we are overwhelmed by the delicious whiffs of the crisp deep-fried U.S. russet potatoes with hints of cheesy goodness. Each of the potato bites yield an extremely crisp texture on the outside, and creamy soft on the inside. 

While the generous topping of shaved parmesan cheese enhances the flavours, we are surprised to taste a hint of coffee flavour of the artichoke puree base. A truly intriguing appetizer to kickstart our sumptuous dinner. Definitely great for communal sharing and pairing with boozes. 

Duck Confit - Duck leg, U.S. mashed potato cake, mustard sauce

For the mains, we have the French famous duck confit. While we appreciate the tender and succulent meat of the duck, we are a tad overwhelmed by the saltiness. But it is married perfectly well with the U.S. russet potato mash that balances out the flavours. 

Look at the beautiful presentation of the potato mash --
it is, again, crisp on top and bottom, with creamy soft mash in the middle.

As part of the culinary festival, you can pick either one of the above U.S. potato featured dishes at Brasserie Fritz and win awesome prizes! More details as below.


🥔 Order one U.S. Potato Culinary Festival dish from one of the participating outlets
🥔 Post a creative caption and photo of the U.S. Potatoes dish
with hashtag #MYPotatoesUSA and “Check In” to the participating outlet 
🥔 Remember to set post or profile to Public

🍟 Judges will select the MOST creative post
🍟 Five (5) Weekly Prizes and three (3) Grand Prizes of iPad 9.7 inch 32GB WiFi
🍟 Contest period: 15 June till 30 July 2018

❤ Fuego, Troika Sky Dining
❤ The Three Stooges
❤ Kingstreet Café
❤ Anne Elizabeth
❤ Brasserie Fritz
❤ Michelangelo
❤ Jibby and Co
❤ Brew House
❤ Coffee Club
❤ Delicious
❤ Macaroni
❤ Piccolino
❤ Roulette
❤ Pietro

More information on Facebook: fb.com/MYpotatoesUSA

Our gastronomical journey at Brasserie Fritz does not just end there. We have a jolly time tucking into the delicious array of appetizers and main dishes, each of which is very creative, well-executed and satisfies our tummy. 

Feel free to check them out and enjoy the food and drinks from as early as 8am till 12 midnight everyday! Drop by for the Happy Hours (4pm - 8pm daily) for white wine, red wine, Heineken draft beer, spritz, classic gin and tonic at only RM15 per glass! 

Overall, Brasserie Fritz is a one-fit-all venue be it casual dining, celebrations or parties / events.

Brasserie Fritz
Ground Floor,
Wolo Bukit Bintang,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-4065 0876
Reservation: frontdesk@brasseriefritz.com

Website: www.brasseriefritz.com
Facebook: fb.com/brasseriefritzkl
Instagram: @brasseriefritz

Business Hours: 8am - 12 midnight daily

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