28 August, 2018

AI Trade, the New Discovery for Profit using Artificial Intelligence

AI Trade, the new era of cryptocurrency industry using innovative technology of artificial intelligence

Cryptocurrency, as we all know, has been an ever evolving industry. The rule of playing this crypto game is constantly changing, because there is no exact rule to begin with. AI Trade is now bringing this cryptocurrency game to the next level by incorporating the technology of artificial intelligence. 

So...what is AI Trade?

Unles you are an expert in this industry or have constantly been keeping up closely with the development of cryptocurrency, I bet you, just like me, would not have heard about AI Trade. 

AI Trade is a profit-sharing platform bringing in multiple streams of bitcoin earnings together into one. Here are some of the services it performs: 
  • Trading - Buy, sell and store cryptocurrency in absolute safety
  • ATM - Produce own crypts for comfortable use of personal digital media
  • Arbitration - Analyse the most profitable offers on the market with the help of AI
  • Altcoins - Invest in the most promising altcoins to maximise profits
  • Mining - Develop AI robots to extract promising cryptocurrency 
  • ICO - Research on projects that enter the market and participate in the successful ones

The company has a US$250,000 factory automation facility in the United States, running on the 24-hour AI Rot platform, to successfully handle all of the selected coins. AI Robots are widely used for:
  • Arbitrage between exchanges
  • Trading with any pair of cryptocurrency
  • Margin trading on exchanges (in development)
  • Mining (in development)
  • Market analysis (in development)

You can watch this video to see how Bitcoin can be generated on a daily basis by AI Trade.

So how does AI Trade benefit you and I?

Admit it, we are not subject matter experts and all we want is a reliable platform to generate more income for us. However, AI Trade is not a channel for people to earn 'quick money' or to become rich in a short period of time. In fact, it is a long-term business plan for serious investors.

The investment packages offered here include:
#1. LV1. 0.01 - 0.99BTC (Input Fee: $49.99)
#2. LV2. 1 - 2.99BTC (Input fee: $99.99)
#3. LV3. 3 - 4.99BTC (Input Fee: $149.99)
#4. LV4. 5BTC (Input fee: $199.99)

This is how you can manage your account using this user-friendly platform. 

With an initial investment of only 0.01BTC + US $49.99 (roughly 0.018BTC), it is able to generate about 0.3% profit everyday, for 365 days a year. In a long run, you'd see amazing returns -- the annual compounded return can yield up to 20 BTC a day.

Based on what I have read online, I saw many positive reviews of AItrades especially among the professionals as it is an arbitration-based company and world's first producer of BTC crypto ATM machines.

The success story and decades-long experience of the company are among the key factors that keep the business growing and are trusted by many. Plus, AI Trade platform was created by entrepreneurs from different continents, IT professionals, professional traders and highly qualified legal team. They are developing the most advanced software in order for us to achieve new financial heights together.

Keen on earning long-term profits online? Register now at www.aitrades.co!

For more information, please visit:
Whatsapp: +6281331603988
Wechat ID: tedyinfoemas

Website: www.aitrades.co

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