21 August, 2018

Organo Gold Stakes a Claim in the Global Coffee Market

Do you know that the coffee industry sells one billion dollars of the famous hot beverage?

Many coffee companies thrive by selling cocoa, tea, and other selections as well. Few coffee companies, however, match the uniqueness of Organo Gold, a company that promotes a particular type of coffee. The company's coffee and other beverage offering have proved popular. Right now, the enterprise is on the cusp of totaling 1% of the world's coffee market. The 1% figure is enormous for such a niche company, one operating with an advertising budget much smaller than the big coffee brands.

The presence of a unique ingredient helps the company stand out. The special ingredient found the brand's coffee and tea selections is a mushroom known as Ganoderma. Ganoderma, as noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), maintains a history in China and Japan as an herbal product intended to promote health. The inclusion of Ganoderma does draw attention to the beverages in the company's inventory. Consider Ganoderma a top selling point for the brand.

And people do like to see high sales figures with Organo Gold when they enter into a business relationship. Retail stores aren't the only distributors of the product. Although the presence of the coffee and tea in retail stores is impressive, the long history of the company's network marketing endeavors may be even more impressive. The right product supports success in network marketing. Selling merchandise and drawing in affiliates becomes elusive when a product is lacking.

The tea and coffee manufactured by Organo seem to deliver solid sales figures. As such, they are hardly "lacking" in the eyes of many network marketing entrepreneurs. That said, individual network marketing professionals' results will vary.

Any black coffee lover out there?

Organo seems poised to become a significant player in the global black coffee market. Based on a recent industry analysis report, the global black coffee market may experience continued growth. Of course, those involved in the coffee industry must do things correctly to thrive. Tapping into strong trends and utilizing effective marketing strategies comprise two elements capable of assisting success.

The black coffee market includes many high-profile brands. Starbucks leads the pack. Few find this surprising considering the presence of so many Starbucks stores throughout the world. The company's in-house black coffee blend consistently maintains strong appeal among loyal customers. Starbucks, however, does have its competitors. Starbucks doesn't promote any herbal benefits nor is the company involved in network marketing. Organo Gold does pride itself on delivering on those two fronts. So, room does exist for smaller companies to carve out a successful foothold in the massive global black coffee market. Connecting with customers contributes to the ultimate desired result: increased profits and market share.

Customers, ultimately, decide on whether a coffee rises to a level of success. As long as patrons purchase a particular brand, the brand stays in the global market ballgame. The higher the sales figures travel upwards, the higher the market share a brand gains. Organo's 1% range could become more substantial in time. Owners, affiliates, and patrons would appreciate such a result.

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