18 August, 2018

*New* Upgraded Shopping Experience at AEON Revamped Outlet

Who love shopping at AEON? I am sure that AEON is no stranger to us when it comes to grocery shopping, but do you know that AEON sells more than just fresh and high quality groceries?

Recently AEON has upped the game by revamping its outlets across Malaysia so that consumers can experience a new, improved shopping lifestyle in AEON. Knowing that AEON Bandar Sunway has gone through some major renovation in its 4-floor supermarket since a couple of months ago, I finally make a visit there and I am totally blown by its "new look".

The newly improved store is now bigger and better than before -- with wider selections of goods and more brand varieties in all categories of products to cater for all shopping needs. From fashion pieces to household items, you name it, they have it!

LG2: High quality groceries and freshly prepared food zone

Since my university days in Sunway, I walk to AEON almost everyday to grab an affordable meal at AEON LG2 Floor that sells freshly prepared food from La Boheme (Bakery), Delica and several food counters. I usually buy my day-to-day essentials there too, and I am glad that this space remains as my favourite place to kill hunger whenever my wallet is tight.

LG Floor: Kid's World for babies, toddlers, young children and
not forgetting to mention for mothers in the maternity period too!

While you are busy with grocery shopping at LG2, you can get your husbands to bring your kids to the new Kid's World located on LG level, to explore the wide selection of clothes, toys and even the playzone for the children. 

Ground Floor: Latest fashion apparel for male and female

Moving to AEON Ground Floor, it totally transforms into a fashion haven for me! I feel that the new layout makes the space looks bigger and able to display more fashionable trends for both male and female.

The first thing I have spotted here is the new Japanese-style shoe brand -- Feminine Cafe! The designs of shoes are so similar to those Harajuku-styled footwear that every girl would fall in love with.

I mean, look at the pair of white platform shoes I am trying here, it looks so Japanese and chic right? So tempted to get a pair for myself! Plus, the price tags are super affordable. They also have several designs such as sneakers, flats and heels in pastel (my favourite!) colors that fit into all occasions. Seriously I am going to be so broke if I stay at this shoe section longer.

Carnival Joy, another new brand of comfortable footwear is exclusively found in selected AEON outlets too.

Clothing wise, the selection is also wider than before. If you do not already know, AEON has several house brands that are exclusively available across all AEON outlets. Some of which include ti:zed, Scarlet, Cleef bags and more.

#FiShOOTD: Denim jacket and jeggings from Scarlet;
Mini top handle bag from Cleef

I am surprised to see AEON's house brand, Cleef offering such a huge variety of
good quality fashionable bags at very affordable prices.

If you need some affordable treats, ti:zed definitely has something for you!

First Floor: Home and Living section is expanded to meet your household needs
for your home sweet home

And finally we are at the first floor of AEON to check out new stuff for our house. From bath and bedroom essentials to kitchenware, dining cutleries, living room decors, electronics etc, consumers are spoilt with choices here! 

Zakka Living, a Japanese inspired home decor zone for your creative space

One of the main areas worth exploring here is Zakka Living, where I have found lots of super cute plush toys, home accessories, decorations and creative stuff for home and office. Seriously, I get so excited over them when I first see these cuties so that I can decorate my princess bedroom!

Isn't this hedgehog adorable? It attracts almost every adult and kid whenever they pass by this soft toy area.

Don't fancy cute stuff? It's okay, there is always something else for you!

First Floor: Sports Zone

For those who are into outdoors, AEON now brings you more selections of outdoor gears, accessories, and even imported foldable bicycles. Some of the bicycle brands you can see here are Scalare Style, K-Rock, Centeno and Butterfly

One unique thing about all bicycles here is that they are all foldable -- hence very convenient to carry around (especially if you stay in high-rise condo), and fit into your typical car! Now, who is up for some weekend cycling? 

And don't forget to check out a lot more items for camping, picnic, hiking and even travelling!

Overall Verdict:

Shopping in AEON supermarket feels so different now! It feels like a stand-alone shopping mall on its own, offering the greatest convenience with all our favourite products and daily necessities readily available in the outlet.

Reasons to visit AEON:
1. Wide selections of premium quality products
2. Customer satisfaction and experience
3. Special discounts, rebates and point collections for AEON members

If you'd love to have a more holistic lifestyle shopping experience
for the whole family to enjoy together, AEON is the place to go.

For more information about AEON, please visit:
Instagram: @aeonretail.my

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