29 September, 2018

5 Fruits & Vegetables that will Help Your Skincare Regime

There are so many products out there that can give you the skin that you dream of. So, if you’ve just won some cash playing new online slots uk why not invest it into improving your skincare regime. 

Moisturisers and creams, face masks and more, are all designed by companies to work towards improving your skin and helping you look and feel better. Hydrated skin is at the center of all good skincare and this is something that isn’t only achieved by cosmetics. 

Often, the best place to start is by looking at what you put into your body. Be it food or drink, getting your 5 a day can go a long way to improving your skin.

Here are our 5 top fruits and vegetables for good skin:

1. Blueberries
A well-known superfood, the humble blueberry is actually a very powerful berry indeed. This is often reflected by the price of blueberries but, when they’re on offer, it’s always worth grabbing a few of them.

They contain antioxidants that are crucial in good skin health. So, if you’ve got space in your weekly food budget - or maybe you’ve had a decent win on slots baby - get the blueberries in.

2. Oranges
One of the most popular fruits in the entire world, oranges are enjoyed all over the world in various different ways.

Packed with vitamin C, oranges are good for you in several ways and aiding your skincare regime is just one of them. Some people find them a nuisance to cut and even more of a nuisance when their juice is squirting all over your white clothes. However, can you really beat a glass of OJ in the morning?

3. Cucumber
Well, this one is no secret.

The image of someone resting with cucumber slices on their eyes is almost a cliche of skincare but not without reason. Good for your skin whether you eat them, place them over your eyes or leave them in a jug of water over night, electrolytes and anti-oxidants will get to work. One of the most flexible fruits or vegetables on the list, cucumber is a go-to for your edible skincare regime.

4. Avocado
Avocado has become one of the most hip foods around, with European cities serving them on toast, with eggs, with bacon and with just about anything in artisan cafes where hipsters like to flock.

As well as being trendy, avocados are a good source of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant that prevents skin damage. Also, vitamin E is even more effective when it is combined with vitamin C. So, something with avocado washed down with an orange juice is a skin-friendly breakfast to start your day.

5. Sweet Potato
Another trendy food, the sweet potato is on a mission to replace fatty and stodgy chips in your diet.

Letting them do so will expose you to a lovely amount of vitamin A, commonly found in orange and dark-green vegetables such as carrots, spinach and the sweet potatoes in question. This is good for your skin, too and, on a related note, greasy chips are not.

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