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02 October, 2018

Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

At some point we all dream of having long luscious locks that have grown all the way down to our waist but getting that length and keeping it that long are not that easy. There’s a lot that can go wrong and one mistake can lead to a nightmare of split-ends and dead straw-like hair. One main cause of hair loss is stress, you can avoid stress with fun hobbies like gaming on top new uk slots.

So, here’s a couple of tips to get that dream length without looking like a Barbie doll that’s gone wrong.
Condition Often

Conditioners are good for your hair for a reason, they add proteins and lipids that will keep strands healthy and stop them from splitting. Since over time hair can become damaged by colouring, heating and over-shampooing, making sure you regularly condition and strengthen your hair is key to getting those lusciously long locks.

Cut Back on Shampoo

Most of us consider Shampoo as something to use everyday on hair, but over use of it can be incredibly detrimental to hair growth. Because it’s main use is to remove dirt and grease from your hair, shampoo strips out the natural oils that are created by your scalp to keep hair soft and shiny. 

So, cut back on your shampoo rituals, plus throwing in a cold rinse after each shower is great for flattening out your layers and preventing heat damage or moisture loss.

Give a Break on Your Brushing

A pretty simple, yet surprisingly effective trick. Cutting back on brushing means that small tangles and damage that start at the scalp and eventually turn into big knots and splits further down your hair start to disappear.

Also, cutting back on brushing will shorten your morning routine allowing you to get to work that little bit quicker.

Keep Wet Hair Uncovered

Now this one piece of advice I have for you may seem a tad strange but trust me this will work wonders for your hair. To maximise the speed of hair growth, make sure you avoid wrapping wet hair in a towel.

Of course, wet hair and towels are two things that go together, but small strands get caught in the fibres and are torn out. Which in the long term can affect the speed of your growth. Instead I recommend using thin microfibres or try air drying, why not kill time whilst your hair dry’s by playing games on sites like Easy Slots and earn cash for future hair treatments.

Be Patient

I can’t stress this enough, you need to be patient with your hair and give it time to grow. You won’t get instant results overnight, but you will get about a quarter inch in length per month at most so it’s better than nothing. To fill in some of your spare time why not enjoy some online casino games here.

Just perform regular maintenance on your hair, remove any built-up grease and keep it healthy and you should start to see some pay off for all your hard work and patience.

So, just stick to these tips of mine and you will have Rapunzel length hair in no time at all!

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