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30 November, 2018

[Online Shopping Tips] How to Shop for International Beauty Products via Yellow Porter

Annyeong haseyo, I am back from a shopping spree in Korea!

Haha, just kidding, I have literally shopped along the "Beauty Street" of Myeongdong without being physically there :P HAHA read on to find out how did I do that....

I know there are plenty of K-Beauty stores and online shopping sites in Malaysia but most of them either:
(1) Carry only selected ranges of a brand, or
(2) Do not have the newly released / limited edition items.

For example, if you are a huge fan of BTS, the leading K-pop boy band currently, I'm sure you'd be dying to own the latest VT Cosmetics x BTS makeup series!! And there is a way now - use Yellow Porter services!  

What does Yellow Porter do?
Shop on your behalf internationally, in-store or online
and ship back to Malaysia. 

How will it benefit you?
Just inform them what you want, then pay a small fee for a big convenience!

Basically, Yellow Porter helps you buy  practically ANYTHING you want from overseas (not only South Korea, but also a lot more countries such as the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, India, and with more countries to come).

All you need to do is to sign up for a free account on Yellow Porter's website to start getting more value with your shopping and shipping options. 

The next big question is:
How much does it cost?

I'd say the rate is pretty affordable! With Yellow Porter, you can enjoy low shipping fees + convenience (they will repack and keep your purchases at their overseas warehouse for 30 days for free).

They even let you combine your items purchased from different websites within the same country for a consolidated shipment. For example, if you buy a lipstick (0.3kg) + eye palette (0.7kg) + mascara (0.2kg) from South Korea, you’ll only need to pay for 1.2kg shipping fees which amounts to RM45 for all 3 items.

Here's the shipping rate based on weight for your reference.

Now, where to start and what do you have to do?
Since I am not familiar with buying things from Korean website, I have decided to try out Yellow Porter’s Shop4Me service so that they can order, buy and pay on my behalf.

Step 1: For this box of K-beauty haul, I use their "e-Shop4Me" services.

I just login to my account on Yellow Porter’s website and then click ‘Shop4Me’.

Step 2: Fill in the details of items to purchase -- it can be from physical shop or online store.

When I fill in this part of the form, I am like, "Wow, someone is going to walk into a shop and buy something on my behalf"! How cool is that. If you are travelling, you can sign up to become a porter and earn some commissions too :P I think I should start signing up and make money out of my vacations.

Step 3: Wait for the email confirmation within 24 hours!

This is super fast. They have researched and calculated the total cost (Product price + 6% Shop4Me fee for online purchases + local South Korea delivery fee) -- don't worry, there is no hidden cost such as handling fee, monthly commitment fee etc at all! 

I like how everything is transparent here :) At least I won't be caught in surprises for additional shipping fee like my previous experience with some China websites.

Step 4:  Make payment for the product and wait for the items to be delivered to their South Korea warehouse.

The bill is in Ringgit Malaysia, which they have already converted Korean Won for me. Reasonable conversion rate; so I don't have any complaints on this bit. Payment mode is convenient - via PayPal, credit or debit card - you choose!

Few days later, once both my items (I'm Meme I'm Heart Stamp Blusher & Jayjun The Lucky Box) have arrived at their South Korea warehouse, I receive an email notification from Yellow Porter. 

Then, I just need to login on Yellow Porter’s website to make a request to ship under their “Orders” page. I choose "Standard shipping method" and make payment for the shipping fees - RM45 for both items - quite affordable.

Step 5: I get notified when my items are back in Malaysia then I get to choose between:
(i) Self-collection at Yellow Porter's Bangsar warehouse; or
(ii) Doorstep delivery (RM10 surcharge within Klang Valley).

The shipping process takes 7 days till I receive my Korean beauty haul! I think it is super speedy and helps me to save the time and hassle of sourcing the products from other places. And I am super excited to unbox it now!

MEMEBOX I'M MEME I'M Heart Stamp Blusher (6g)

I'M MEME I'm Heart Stamp Blusher is just super adorable, don't you think so? After trying this one, I feel like getting all 3 shades! How can Koreans always create such cute yet functional beauty stuff?! Please take all my money~~

Another item shipped directly from Korea is the Jayjun Best Mask Box. I think I have seen plenty of Jayjun masks in our local stores, but none of them sells this Mask Box (not that I know of) and the price in Korea is totally unbeatable. Now I understand why people stock up dozens of facial masks whenever they visit Korea!

My online shopping experience feels so real as if I am shopping in Myeongdong - the products always come with alot of free gifts. So generous!  Can't wait to try them out!

❤ ❤ 
Shopping is indeed an addiction. After a satisfied purchase via Yellow Porter this round,
I think I need another shopping spree....perhaps from UK or the USA? :P

Hope you find my international shopping tips useful here!

 Here are the reasons why you should choose Yellow Porter:
 Ease of shopping from international brands
 100% money back guarantee on any unsuccessful purchase
 Reasonable shipping cost
 Timely delivery 
 Repack and consolidate your packages at no extra cost
 Hassle-free (they can pay the customs authority on your behalf first if it is subjected to any duties / taxes)

....and most importantly, just name the product and they will get it for you!

For more information about Yellow Porter, please visit:
Instagram: @yellowporter


Yellow Porter is offering you ZERO fees for Shop4Me services from 1 - 31 December 2018.
(Normal rate: 6% Shop4Me fee of total online transaction) 

Just key in my promo code [[ OhfishieeYPShop4Me ]] in the "Remarks" column
upon submitting your Shop4Me request to enjoy the discount.

Exclusive for this Christmas, Yellow Porter also has a Christmas Giveaway promo -- 
you will get a FREE Christmas tote bag upon using the Shop4Me service. Don't miss it out!

Don't forget to check out Yellow Porter in 1 minute!

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