26 January, 2019

Is Regenerist Serum Safe and Effective?

When it comes to laptops, cars and the body you want when you're running a marathon, lighter and faster are the qualities that most people look for. These also happen to be attributes that facial care serums hold in very high regard as well. They are normally fast-absorbing, light liquids that are used either in addition or as an alternative to lotions and creams. The largest difference between a lotion or cream and a serum is what the overall formulations do not include. Regenerist serums usually leave out airtight, or occlusive, moisturizing ingredients the likes of mineral oil or petroleum which keeps the water from the skin evaporating.

Furthermore, they also have fewer thickening and lubricating agents such as seed or nut oils. Many skin care serums are eliminated, water-based oils altogether. Regenerist serum is basically a lightweight, moisturizer gel that quickly absorbs into the skin and helps slow down the aging process. It claims to produce superb results, some of which include a firmer face alongside smoother skin. Not only that, all this will happen with only one use. After a full month of using it every day, your end results will be much more dramatic.

Many skin care professionals' top picks always have to include skin care serums. Most of them even make use of them on a daily basis in their own homes. A lot of them are of the opinion that it does wonders for those that have oily skin. Even quite a number of celebrities have begun hopping onto the facial serum bandwagon. The bottom line is that those that aren't feeding their skin with a great serum happen to be doing their skin a terrible disservice.

Cost And Benefits Of Serum

Due to the fact that thickeners happen to be much cheaper than active ingredients, skin care serums are usually the most cost-effective products in a lot of the skin care lines. When used and applied properly, a serum container that measures one ounce should be able to last you a couple of months. Most brands have medicine-dropper applicators or produce them in pump bottles so you can dispense just the small amount you need per application.

Those tiny concentrated drops look insufficient, however, they happen to be super-efficient. Skincare serums are manufactured out of very tiny molecules so that your skin can deeply and quickly absorb them. The heavier, thicker ingredients found in most creams or lotions form a barrier on the skin. For locking moisture in that's great, but they can also lock out active ingredients as well. A lack of these hindrances will allow the facial serums' active ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively as well as much faster.

Another good thing that is normally mentioned about serums is that they never leave sticky residue behind and they lack a non-greasy finish as well. Two things that don't happen to be that popular in some particular parts of the cosmetic industry. This one especially. With that said, they still are not for just everyone. The gel-like or viscous liquid texture that most serums have can prove to be a poor match for those people that may be suffering from chronic skin complications the likes of rosacea and eczema. These two conditions are known to weaken the barriers of your skin has. A review of one of the top brands here: https://www.monicasbeauty.com/olay-regenerist-serum-review/ highlights many more pros normally associated with this serum.

How To Apply The Serum

Are you considering adding a Regenerist serum to your daily cosmetics routine? Well, you're in luck for you'll be in just the right place. For maximum effect, here is how you're advised to apply these magical lightweight elixirs:

Step One- You'll first need to start with cleansing your face. After you're done this the next step will be the application of, literally, a pea-sized amount of Regenerist serum using your finger to pat it down evenly over the skin.

Step Two- If you're the type that happens to have sensitive skin, then you'll need to wait around ten to fifteen minutes after cleansing your face before you can start to apply the facial serum. When you have damp skin, the application of water-based products is more likely to give rise to skin irritation. Allowing your skin to dry up completely will help slow down penetration.

Step Three- You really don't need to avoid using the moisturizer of your choice that you trust and love. Just pat it down onto your skin the Regenerist serum first before anything else. This will ensure that it doesn't get blocked from penetrating the skin.

Step Four- If the facial serum you're using happens to be too expensive for twice-a-day overall use there are a few common cosmetic tips you can try implementing. For instance, you can resort to using the facial elixir as a booster either in the evening or in the morning hours. You can simply do this by adding a few tiny drops into your favorite moisturizer.

Common Serum Ingredients

One of the key ingredients found in most Regenerist serums is something known as an amino-peptide complex. This ingredient not only helps deliver hydration to your skin's surface, but also ten layers deep into the face. This ensures moisture to improve the skin as well as deep hydration. The regeneration of cells that are used to both rejuvenate and refresh your skin is created by this complex component. You can get the formula in either a fragrance-free or scented option. Depends on what you're interested in really. This serum also contains collagen as well as silicone which are the ingredients commonly known for smoothing, softening and plumping skin. They are also what gives the serum that silky, smooth texture as well.

Though not everyone that uses serum will record positive experiences, there are a lot more that will applaud this skincare product. Not only is it safe but it also happens to be very effective as well. Many that have used these products have made makeup application so much easier for themselves, created a flawless, smooth face and have lessened even the deepest of their wrinkles. All signs show that serum is actually a very outstanding anti-aging product. If you haven't tried it just yet then you aren't doing your skin any justice.

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