12 January, 2019

Travel Tips on How to Find a Comfortable Place to Stay

Ever gone on a vacation, only to have it ruined by shabby, uncomfortable accommodation? Then, join the club. Like you, many travelers go through the same experience and usually for the same reason. They never bother to find the right accommodation before setting off for their journey. And they pay dearly for it.

So the next time you travel locally or overseas, avoid making the same mistake and, instead, do the following:

Book a hotel
Want a suite with a separate living room and a deluxe bath? What about access to a pool, gym, bar, or restaurant? Then book a room at a hotel. And whether it’s a three-star hotel in New York or the three-star Southpole Central Hotel in the Philippines, hotels remain the most comfortable type of accommodation.

Stay at a lodge
Let’s assume you prefer being closer to nature, surrounded by trees and wild animals. But you don’t want to leave behind the comforts of an urban hotel. Where do you stay? You opt for a lodge, of course. But like a regular hotel, lodges with more amenities cost more.

Save money at a hostel
As a young, budget-conscious traveler, how do you balance comfort and cost? You book a hostel, of course. And just in case you’re curious, most offer private ensuite rooms, not the dorm-like lodging associated with the name “hostel." However, all attract a younger clientele, making them the noisiest type of accommodation on this list.

Rent a home or apartment
Even the most comfortable hotel, lodge, or hostel still lacks that “home” atmosphere that only a home can offer. But one type of lodging does - a furnished house or apartment. Cheaper than a hotel but more expensive than a hostel, rentals come with privacy and convenience. Their only catch is that you get to do the housekeeping and cooking.

Swap homes with a friend
What if you want the privacy and comfort of a home or an apartment, but for free? Is this even possible? With a home swap, it is. This is how such an arrangement works. As its name implies, you simply swap homes with a friend living in a local or overseas vacation destination.

They stay at your house for a few days or weeks, and you, in theirs. This way, you both avoid the costs associated with hotels and rentals. However, you still do the housekeeping and cooking.

Rent a farm
Imagine being surrounded by domestic animals on a farm while you’re on vacation. As strange as this sounds, this is happening today. And how, you ask? Farms have entered the rental business, and they’re even giving apartments and homes a run for their money.

And why wouldn’t they? They typically have more space in which children can play and offer more planned activities. And then there are the animals, which make the trip more memorable, especially if there are horses.


Travelers often skip the important task of finding comfortable lodging, ruining their holiday in the process. Want to know what’s sad about this: This is an easy task to accomplish. After all, the number of the comfortable living quarters for travelers are many.

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