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06 February, 2019

How to Choose and Buy the Perfect Fish Cookie Cutter

Cookies are awesome. This is only one of a million adjectives that one person can use to describe them. They come in all consistencies, textures and flavors; some are moist, others are crunchy and crumbly. Then we have those special ones that you bite into while expecting a full on crumble; yet, are faced with a moist, chewy core that, for a second, makes you forget all about your worries. Of course, there is still the aspect of flavor.

As a dessert, cookies are very versatile. Other than those two dimensions, when it comes to cookies, there is a third one. You have complete freedom to choose whatever cookie shape you want. This is a quick guide that will help you choose a perfect fish cookie cutter; because, while circular cookies and gingerbread men can be shaped using makeshift tools, fish are special.

What type of material do you want or need?

There are several types of material that are used in making cookie cutters. Each material has its own remarkable characteristics, as well as the price. This is why you need to ask yourself how you are going to be using your fish cookie cutter.

Aluminum, for example, is a malleable, and light metal. This means that it is not that sturdy, so most probably you will not be paying a lot of money for an aluminum cookie cutter. On the other hand, there are copper cookie cutters which are much sturdier; yet, a lot more expensive. Finally, there are other types of material which lie in between the two extremes like, stainless steel which is reliable, and moderately priced, too.

What sizes will you be using?

Every baker needs cookie cutters. It all depends on your reason for wanting one, or a whole set; what are you going to be using the cutters for? Asking this question will help you determine what sizes you need.

If you are a bakery owner, it is likely that you will want smaller sizes than if you were a leisure baker. Mostly because smaller cookies would mean that you will get to display a larger quantity which would look more appealing to customers. After all, presentation and packaging are two very critical aspects according to

How much are you willing to pay?

While going for a cheap option may seem like a good idea, you should take into consideration the fact that a cookie cutter is an investment. On the long run, it is financially smarter if you buy an expensive set of cutters that lasts you for a year, than buying a new set every couple of months.

Whether you are a veteran home baker, a baking enthusiast, or a bakery owner, the need for different cookie cutter shapes is still the same. We all know that a cookie shape can greatly influence how the cookie tastes. While the shape may not have a physical effect, it is still an amusing element. This is why buying fun shapes like, fish cookie cutters is essential. Happy Baking!

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