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23 February, 2019

Top Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2019

A kitchen is the heart of every home. And your home should always be your first comfort zone. So if you have been trying to figure out what you can do to make it look classy and sleek, then you should consider renovating the kitchen.

Kitchen should be the first point after living room and bathroom!

Here are some of the best 2019 kitchen makeovers to get you motivated. Read on!

Quartz countertops

Countertops can either increase or reduce the general outlook of your kitchen. Well, while the previous years have been filled with various attractive materials, it is still hard to resist the quartz finishes. And that is for a very good reason; it is an incredible classic appeal and the solid surface it provides. You just have to be careful with hot pots and it will serve you for years.

Matte black cabinetry

There has always been something irresistible about matte finishes. It is a captivating trend that seems to make its grand entrance into 2019 and it seems like it won't go out of style anytime soon. If it is any consolation, there are several displays of matte appliances and cabinetry in various showrooms for your selection.

And apart from their beauty (which we already know), they are easy to clean. Also, there are some eco-friendly ones made of recycled wood and bottles. This fits perfectly into the modern kitchen renovations, whose aim is not only to offer you a customized look but also maximize the use of environmental-friendly quality fabrication processes. You can see it as your way of giving back to the universe through environmental conservation.

Concealed vent

You might be forgiven for proudly displaying an industrial vent in your commercial restaurant, but you will hardly get away from criticism when it comes to your residential kitchen. A seamless look will always give your space an alluring demeanor. Whether yours is a traditional or modern kitchen, a quiet artful over-oven look will always steal the show. 

Dark kitchens

For a long time now, all-white kitchens have been trending but not anymore. In fact, nowadays, the darker the appearance, the better. Black color exudes elegance while intentionally making it easier to conceal minor problems. 

Mixed metals

Brass has been ruling the kitchen faucets' section for a while now, with 2018 being its climax. But in 2019, homeowners are finding beauty and value in the unique combination of pewter, copper, brass and black to achieve that distinctive organic appearance. 

Open shelving

If you love the idea of an open kitchen, then you will love the open shelving options even better. They offer a smart metal, glass or wood option for upper cabinets. And if you love making bold statements, then this trend is for you. Great for both commercial and residential spaces.

Kitchens are one of the most visited and used spaces in a home. Therefore, they should always look good and organized. If you're looking for ways to renovate yours in 2019, I hope you found the above trends helpful as a guide to define your style. You may like matte cabinetry or concealed vents,  but whichever it is, remember you have the final say. 

It's time to take charge and experience change!

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