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11 March, 2019

6 Items You Shouldn't Miss Having in Your Luggage When Travelling

Travelling, although usually thought of as fun, can also be very stressful, especially when it comes to packing. We usually leave packing to the last minute and end up forgetting things that we really need.

Here are 5 very essential items you shouldn’t forget to include in your luggage, and a sixth that you must keep in your carry on.

1. Clothes / Shoes

Always check the weather forecast of the destination before packing, so you can bring the right clothes for winter / summer etc. And bring only the necessary pairs of shoes that will match your clothes more instead of those that will be taking up lots of space.

2. Toiletries

It's easy to go ham with toiletries, as they don’t take up a lot of space. For example, look at toiletries such as dental floss, shampoo, conditioner, etc and you may think that you might need them. Chances are, if you haven’t used it in a while, you won’t use it when travelling. So, take only the ones you use every day.

3. Electronics + Chargers

Smartphone and camera are must-haves for me while travelling. I'm sure you would bring them along for travel too. Note though that some airports will not allow for these chargers to be in your luggage, so just in case, keep them in your carry on.

4. Medication + First aid kit

Well, you just can't predict when would you need them. They don’t take up space and you won’t lose anything if you keep them in your luggage. A small first aid kit is also essential in case of emergency. If you are allergic to any thing, take the medication with you even if you think you won’t be subjected to it.

5. Presents!

Unless you are doing backpacking, you would most probably bring something home for your loved ones. What better way to treat your loved ones than by leaving extra space in your luggage for presents or gifts. Even if it’s a simple gift such as socks or fluffy scarves, it’s nice to be remembered.

6. Passport and money

Remember, carrying a valid passport and enough money is extremely important. Keep those in your carry on, while keeping extra important documents in your luggage, in case you need them.

Conclusion? An important tip to keep in mind is that it's better to have it and not need it, than not need it and not have it. Plan your luggage ahead of time and remember not to overpack - so it will always save you energy as well as give you some time to ponder what may or may not be important!

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