27 March, 2019

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated - How and Why?

If you have been struggling with dry skin lately, trust me that you are not alone. Dry indoor air, cold strong wind outside and many other factors can literally suck moisture off our skin, leaving it dry and unappealing.

How to achieve healthy and good looking skin once again?
It's through hydration! Keep reading to know how and why... 

#1 Use Moisturizing Skincare Products

Applying that thick fragrant cream on your skin isn't always enough, especially when it is in need of a moisturizer. Instead, shop around for one with water-boosting ingredients for maximum benefits. My favourite is always those with enriching hyaluronic acid and other stellar agents that prevent loss of water from the skin.

#2 Invest In Treatments

If it doesn't seem to work, then it's time to try something else. You can consider combining your serum with a hydrating mask as it provides a barrier thus forcing the moisturizing elements in your serum to penetrate the skin. Just apply for 5-10 minutes, then wipe off and you'll enjoy that soft hydrated skin.

#3 Use a Hydrating Eye Cream

Yes, the area surrounding your eyes is part of your skin( in fact the thickest) and thanks to that, they can quickly be dehydrated. If you don't want to end up with dark circles and thin lines, ensure that it is water-boosted all the time. There are various natural-based products to try out.

This article on CBD under eye cream explains its benefits to the skin including lightening, smoothing and moisturizing. It also contains anti-inflammation properties to help soothe puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

#4 Keep Refreshed With A Face Spray

Spray is not just for the hair! Invest in a good face spray that contains the right ingredients and can be used even with your makeup on. For best results, buy a portable one so you get to reach out for it the same way you would for a hair spritz regime.

#5 Get Humidifier

As they always say "charity begins at home", why not create a favorable environment for a hydrated skin right from your home? For winter, buy a humidifier so the air in your home will always have enough moisture thus won't "steal" from your skin.

Having healthy skin requires much more effort than you thought. You have to ensure every ingredient in it counts towards adding or maintaining moisture of your skin. Also, don't forget to invest in treatments, eye creams, and a humidifier. Let's embrace our skin! xoxo. 

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