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10 March, 2019

Pro Tips That Could Help You Print Better-Looking Shirts

Printed T-shirts are becoming a popular trend, currently on the rise with all the pop culture and witty references prints. But do you know that this trend was existent for almost a thousand years now?Decorated clothes go way back to ancient China; the technique used back then was screen printing, silk mesh to apply ink onto fabric. Europe and most of Asia started industrializing screen printing in the 1700s and took advantage of steam-powered machinery in the 1800s to mass-produce it even more.

Michael Vasilantone designed a rotary multicolor screen-printing machine for garments in the 1960s which helped screen printing leap into popularity in the modern world. Major brands started using it for advertising, whether it’s a movie, drink, or politically-affiliated references. Printed T-shirts are only increasing in popularity, and here are some tips that can help you print some great shirts.

Research Your Audience

After defining the printing concepts, you need to know who would want to wear it, and if they are willing to pay money to buy the shirt. Since printed t-shirts are usually associated for advertising certain entities, you need to know if your audience will back you up when you start the production of the T-shirts.

Good Material, Good Print

No matter how beautiful your designs and ink are, a bad fabric can completely ruin your shirt; no one would like to buy a shirt that gets destroyed after being washed once, or if the quality is so bad it feels gross on your skin. Every printing technique has a recommended fabric. 

The most common fabric used for screen printing and direct-to-garment is cotton, while polyester is recommended for transfer and sublimation printing techniques. Meowprint allows you to choose between different fabrics and different techniques in case you have a specific preference.

The Location of the Design

Companies usually go for the center when they are attempting to design a printed T-shirt, while some music bands opt for the back to present their logo or album art. Whereas text is usually printed on the upper section of the tee. A bad placement of the design can mean a bad image for your brand.

Finding the Right Designer

Those with creative hats can of course create their own designs, otherwise having a professional designer would be a great investment to create something that is sure to sell.

Well, not all people may like a design, but if the design is made professionally and with passion, most of them will appreciate the effort and craftsmanship poured into making the T-shirt.

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