05 April, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: CNP Laboratory Vita-B Line for Skin Brightening

People often say "You are what you eat", but for me, I'd say your skin is what you eat and apply. Just like how we fall sick when our body doesn't get enough nutrients, our skin may look tired and dull when it is lacking of vitamins.

Among the broad range of vitamins, do you know Vitamin B is most important to recharge and revitalize the skin from inside out, while creating a barrier against pollution, air-conditioning and extreme weather? Now, you can "feed" your skin directly with Vitamin B, all thanks to CNP Laboratory, the South Korea’s leading pharmaceutical-level cosmetic brand.

This is not my first time trying out CNP's specialised skincare products. After my first review of CNP's skincare for oily / acne-prone skin, I find them very promising and I am eager to get my skin back in the pink of health with CNP's Vita-B line. 

Featuring a total of 7 types of Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 & B12), the Vita-B line works like a multivitamin supplement to recharge the skin using its 4 key ingredients:

7 Vita-B Complex
❤ Uniquely concocted by CNP Laboratory’s Skin Specialists, it helps replenishe moisture easily

Cherry Blossom Water
❤ Goodbye Purified Water and it's time to say Hello to Korean Cherry Blossom Water, which has more superior hydrating benefits to give skin a naturally-dewy effect.

❤ A powerful antioxidant with double dose of whitening effect

Glyceryl Glucoside & Sodium Hyaluronate
❤ For long-lasting hydration down into the skin’s deeper dermal layers

Vita-B Energy Ampule (15ml) @ RM123

I used to think that ampule is just an extra step that I can neglect, but actually no, it can work really well as a skincare booster. And this Vita-B Energy Ampule is THE multivitamin supplement made for lacklustre skin!

How to use:
1. After cleaning and toning:
Apply a few drops of the ampule evenly on fingertips and tap gently over skin to boost that glowing effect.

2. As booster:
Mix it with a moisturizer or cream mask so it acts as a booster to improve the effectiveness of your usual skincare steps.

A serum-like liquid; smooth yet not sticky at all. 

Lightweight and very quickly absorbed into skin. 

What I Like:
I like how well it works in putting that ‘pink glow’ back in your skin, when applied under makeup. Plus, just a few drops can go a long way.

Vita-B Energy Gel Cream (50ml) @ RM150

When it comes to the last step of skincare, it is always important to seal the skin with nutrients that last all day long. Hence, this super hydrating Vita-B Energy Gel Cream is here to give a lasting glowing effect. Plus, the cooling formula is perfect as an after-sun treatment, and can also be used as a sleeping mask.

How to use:
1. As the final step of your skincare regime before sunscreen:
Apply onto face and neck in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area.

2. As sleeping mask:
Apply a thicker layer on skin and massage until fully-absorbed.

Very moisturising, "bouncy" cream that melts instantly on the skin.

It plumps the skin up immediately with a slight cooling sensation. 

What I Like:
It feels like feeding the skin directly with "water", creating a protective glowing layer against the external harsh environment. However, I personally prefer applying it as an overnight mask so the skin appears more glowing in the next day.

Overall Verdict: 

1. Just 2 simple steps and your skin will really thank you for the long-lasting hydro-glow up effect. 
2. I like how it brightens up the skin tone without much fuss -- Always mild, skin-friendly and fast-absorbing.
3. Recommended for dull and dehydrated skin.  

CNP Laboratory Vita-B line is available in selected THE FACE SHOP stores from April 2019 onwards.

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