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17 April, 2019

Immerse Yourself in Mongolia’s Unique Culture

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East Asia and it offers the traveller a unique experience, as you traverse the Mongolian Steppes, a vast and empty wilderness that is teeming with life, despite the harshness of the climate. In case you’re wondering how you could possibly navigate thousands of kilometres of seemingly endless landscape, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Trans-Siberian Railway will provide the transportation.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

The only way to see this wondrous land is to travel the Trans-Siberian express, and you can book your berth online through an established tour operator that deals exclusively with the Trans-Siberian route and can arrange your trip in full. Once you have found their website, you can spend a few hours finding out about this iconic train journey, and by booking a few months ahead of time, you have time to apply for the visas you will need.

Nomadic Tribes

Image Source: Pixabay

The Mongolian people have a long and colourful history, with Genghis Khan, who conquered all in his path, and the proud race of people that live off this harsh land, and have done for thousands of years. Their natural way of life could not be further removed from the glitzy world of the West, and spending time with the local people will make you appreciate the convenient lifestyle you can enjoy in a western society. Everything they need is furnished from local resources, and within 30 minutes, their entire community can be packed on their livestock and off they go to pastures new.

Moscow to Beijing Via Ulaanbaatar

The Moscow to Beijing section is the perfect route if you want to see and experience Mongolia, and you will notice the subtle changes as you move across Russia and into the vast wilderness known as the Mongolian Steppes, before finally arriving in Beijing. The Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar is a unique combination of civilisation and a way of life Thait hasn’t changed centuries and the two are sometimes very close to each other.

Planning your Trip

You will need to make online visa applications for Russia, China and Mongolia, and a tour operator can help with this, while they are experieynced at helping UK citizens obtain the visas via embassy websites. There are online resources that tell you about the climate, the best time of year to travel, along with essential information of what to pack for the trip.

Choosing your Dates

Image Source: Pixabay

The ideal time to visit Mongolia is from May to September, which sees the best weather conditions, and offers long hours of daylight, a vast contrast from the freezing short days of the Siberian winter, which even the locals are wary of. Once you have Googled a tour operator that specialises in these train journeys, you can select your dates and make your booking, and from that time on, you can prepare for what will surely be the most amazing holiday.

Source for the first image: Unsplash

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