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14 May, 2019

Tips On How To Make Your Room Homey

The bedroom you sleep in at night should be very many things. A space that expresses your personality, a spot you can use to unwind and read from, the room where your comfortable bed will reside in and so on and so forth. However, of all these things, the most important of them all is, it should be homey as possible and there are very many ways you can transform your bedroom into a cozy living space.

Whether you like heavy hues or soft pastels, muted, textured solids or busy patterns; all kinds of decor can be both homey and cozy. Here in below are a few ways you can introduce next-level coziness in your bedroom.

1. Make a comfy bed

Adding an upholstered and padded headboard to the bed in your room is a fantastic way to make the room you use for sleep that much cozier. It gives you a good place to lean upon while reading a book, hanging with family and friends or watching TV. A comfortable mattress is also key if you want a comfy bed. This layla vs nectar review can tell you a lot about what a comfortable mattress is all about. You need guaranteed quality sleep, which is something that the Layla mattress is known to offer.

2. Fill your bedroom with soft, fluffy pillows

Different pillow styles will help make your bedroom look inviting without making it too overwhelming whereby it makes it even difficult to sit and lay back on your bed or bedroom couch (if you happen to have one). While the pillows you use for sleeping will be the most important ones, consider getting standard and Euro size pillows to place all over the room for extra style and comfort. Depending on the sleep preferences you have, buy feather or foam sleeping pillows. Soft pillows are ideal for those of you that sleep on your stomach.

3. Use calming colors in your room

Picking the right colors can actually help in the reduction of stress, which can, in turn, help ease your mind eventually making you feel more comfortable. Instead of going for loud and bright colors in your bedroom, such as red and the like, how about opting for more muted warmer colors. Some of these include soft blue, muted green, light pink and pale yellow. Don't be scared to mix it up with the colors. Consider using wallpaper, painting the walls themselves or adding wall art.

4. Lay down a plush soft rug

Rugs can help add plenty of comfort and personality to your room. Placing a fluffy one beside the bed will make stepping out of bed once you've woken up feel like you're stepping on warm clouds. Pretty awesome, no? Just pick a texture, design, and color that you adore and then place it smoothly on the ground. There are plenty of different sizes and textures, like shaggy and plush rugs. Always pick the softest.

Your bedroom should basically be slumberland. It should be your fortress of comfort and solitude. A place you know you can count on to help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day. Don't allow it to be just a room you happen to use when laying your head down at night. Like we said earlier, it should always be so much more.

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