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01 May, 2019

Water Sports You Never Thought Would Be So Fun

Over the years, water sports have gradually gained popularity among individuals worldwide. This is obviously due to the amount of relaxation achieved during and after participation. The most common water sports are swimming, boat riding and fishing among others. Some water sports, though not as popular, are remarkably fun. Examples of such sports are:

1. Cliff Diving

Cliff diving involves jumping off a cliff into a water mass. Due to this, it is considered the most dangerous water sport, hence not too many people are willing to try. However, cliff diving as a sport is quite enjoyable and thrilling because it gives a feeling of freedom and peace. Moreover, it is an exhilarating experience as participants get to face their fears jumping off a cliff without a parachute strapped on them. 

With the right safety precautions and experienced instructors, cliff diving is undoubtedly one of the most fun water sports. Kamari beach in Santorini, Ka Lae in Hawaii, and Havasu falls in Arizona are examples of places I would recommend for safe and supervised cliff diving.

2. Kayak Sailing

Kayak sailing is a water sport that involves moving across a water body. This sport hugely depends on the wind so picking the right sails will make your experience unforgettable! So now how do I choose the right kayak sails? The most vital factor to consider is your experience. There are sails that only a professional can handle and others that are most suitable for beginners. 

Another factor to consider is size and design, again depending on the strength of the wind at the place you wish to go sailing. High winds require the use of smaller sails for proper balance and vice versa, this is how we choose our kayak sails. Kayak sailing is perfect for family retreats or with friends because you get to engage in more thrilling activities like racing. Still, a loner can achieve relaxation through this water sport.

Kayak sailing is popular in areas like; the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, Cleveland Metroparks, and Pelican Bay.

3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is swimming with goggles and a snorkel on with the aim of observing sea creatures. It is almost similar to scuba diving only that snorkeling is conducted in shallow waters. Swimmers and non-swimmers can both participate in this water sport, however the latter need to be under supervision. Observing sea creatures are not boring contrary to popular belief. Statistics say that there are 228,450 known sea species and another 2 million yet to be discovered. You get to catch a glimpse of these creatures going about their everyday activities.

Like kayak sailing, this sport is ideal for family or friends, outings because you will experience a lot of ''wow '' moments which are best shared among loved ones. For those who enjoy their own company, it is perfectly fine, just ensure that you are having the time of your life. Examples of places famous for snorkeling are; Maui in Hawaii, Diani in the Kenyan coast and Palawan in the Philippines. 

Other fun water sports include underwater hockey, horse surfing, sub-wing diving, and raft rodeo. There's a lot of danger that has been associated with water sports but isn't every sport dangerous when precaution is not taken? People who cannot swim should not indulge in these sports by themselves and all participants are required to listen to the guide. In doing so everybody will have fun with no cases of accidents.

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