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30 April, 2019

Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week 2019 @ Low Yat Plaza KL

Hey, I have good news for you! The much anticipated Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week is back with more surprises this year!

Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week
Date: 29th April - 5th May 2019
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Plaza Low Yat, Concourse, Ground Floor

Guess some of you may not have heard of the symbol of Taiwan Excellence. It honors Taiwan’s most innovative products that provide tremendous value to users worldwide. All products carrying this symbol have been selected for specific Taiwan Excellence Awards based on their excellence in design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D and manufacturing. 

Initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), R.O.C. in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognized by 102 countries worldwide. As this year marks the 27th instalment of Taiwan Excellence, it continues to serve as the benchmark for industrial perfection and aspiration for continued innovation.

During this one-week Taiwan Excellence exhibition, we are lucky to be able to see and experience the best of Taiwanese innovation in Malaysia. It features 55 innovative solutions by 24 Taiwanese companies across many areas such as e-sports, lifestyle products and other innovative technologies.

Seriously, there are so many creative innovations on display here and you can try them out yourselves too. I see plenty of cool gadgets that wow me such as the internal SSD that has the largest RGB luminous area in the market by TEAM, the world's first tri-band 5G omni base station by Accton and smart retail display solution by Champ Vision Display.

Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle

One of the lifestyle products that caught my attention is the surprise bottle by Bubblingplus. It looks just like an ordinary flask but something 'magical' will happen inside whenever you pour your drinks into it.

How does Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle works? It changes the taste and texture of any beverage by infusing gas and liquid in 1 minute. The result? Trust me, even the most ordinary drink could surprise you. For example, a bitter cup of black coffee can turn out to be sweet and delicious.

Look at how the plain water looks more cloudy here. The Surprise Bottle brings us the natural sweetness of the water, making it more palatable than before.

What a pleasant surprise! I love the idea of trying new things and I'd never know how would my beverages taste after going through the surprise bottle. It definitely brings some sense of excitement and curiosity each time I try the bottle with different beverages.
WiseChip Bendable OLED Display
Website: Click HERE

I have also spotted another item called "Bendable OLED" at the exhibition. I am sure that the term OLED is no stranger to you, as we have heard enough about OLED TVs. Basically it means the technology used to create colorful display.

Interestingly, this bendable OLED display by WiseChip is not the conventional ones used in TVs, but this can be used on extremely thin device. In fact, it can be used on most products ranging from day-to-day use to industrial peripherals.

WiseChip's Transparent OLED

Invented by WiseChip, a leading innovator of PMOLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology in Taiwan, the bendable OLED features:
❤ Minimum bending radius (≧40mm, 10 times)
❤ High contrast ratio
❤ Wide viewing angle
❤ Dast response time (≤ 10μs)
❤ Thinner, lighter and more durable
❤ Self-emitting function (no need of backlight)
❤ Wide operation temperature (-20°C~60°C)

With a thickness of only 0.3mm, this bendable display has a maximum curvature of as high as 40 degrees. Imagine putting this display on your watch or mobile phone, the ultra thin display can allow more space to be set aside for batteries and other components, how cool is that!

Other lifestyle products that you should check out for include the EleClean disinfectant spray that uses nano-catalysis electrochemical technology as well as the world's first adjustable electric wine aerator.

Gigo Blocks, an educational toy for children to learn about mechanical principles.


Apart from the exhibition of amazing products, there are numerous educational workshops, daily lucky draws via Facebook Live as well as special appearance of Han Xiao Ai on 4 May, Saturday at the event. You can refer to the week-long itinerary above.

If you want to get yourself a mind-blowing experience with Taiwanese innovations, please feel free to check out the Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week happening from 29 April till 5 May at the Concourse Floor of Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur!

For more information about Taiwan Excellence, please visit:

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