14 August, 2019

Hair Accessories Every Girl Should Have

Hair is my favourite asset, how about you?

The hair can say much about the person that carries it, that is why girls spend a considerable amount of time fixing and prepping their hair. It can be a fashion statement, a reflection of one’s personality or an essential part of one’s facial features. 

Accessories made especially for the hair can accentuate the beauty of the person wearing it, but different hairs need different accessories and also girls have different preferences. However, there are hair accessories that have a universal appeal and which should be included in the must-have items for girls. 

Ponytail Holders

This is one of the accessories that have an ageless appeal to girls. Almost all of the girls may have worn a ponytail holder when they were kids. Even now, as most girls have grown up, this accessory can give them a youthful look without being too childish. A simple satin bow can help keep your accessory look ageless and trendy.

Knit Headband

Under the sweltering summer heat or the blistering cold of winter, you need to protect your hair and still look stunning and adorable. It may be hard to accomplish with a hooded jacket, but with a knit headband, it can be achieved. You can protect your scalp, hair base and ears by wearing this accessory around your head. Also, you can personalize the design by adding colors, beads or sequins.

Head Scarves

The scarf is one of the most versatile hair accessories for girls. It comes in different sizes, colors, designs and shapes. High end headscarves for women can be worn in many ways. They can be worn as hoods, turbans, headbands, improvised ponytail holders or volumizers. With the many uses of a headscarf for the hair, it’s no wonder why it is one of the most commonly used hair accessories. Head scarves also offer comfortable protection from sun exposure without leaving your hair dry.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are also one of the hair accessory essentials girls must have. They are easy to wear and come in a variety of fashionable designs. For girls who are on the go, hair clips offer a quick and stylish fix for your hair. Feather and floral hair clips are currently the trendy design especially for the summer season.


The larger cousin of the clip, barrettes offer a tighter hold and a more visible hair fix. You can choose to pull your hair slightly back at the side to emphasize your facial features and also to give volume to curly or wavy hair. Chic and trendy designs like floral or classic tortoise shell top off this great hair accessory.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are great accessories to have for girls who love to play more with their hair. Whether it’s formal or lazy updo, the hair pin is there to hold your locks in place. For comfort and style, you can pull your hair up in any fashion and still look chic and gorgeous with the hair pin keeping the hold. Hair pins also come in many designs such as classic silver, ornate metallic, floral painted or beaded.

The wonderful thing about hair accessories is that there are plenty of them to choose from. There are accessories that will surely go well and emphasize your hair style, and also go in perfect harmony with your fashion sense. In the end, it is up to each accessory user to decide which one best suits her. Trends don’t necessarily have to be followed. It’s the comfort and personal style that matter.

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