16 August, 2019

Look Radiantly Beautiful with These 5 Tips

Everyone wants to look amazing and have that glow that exudes all over. The skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body. It is also the most exposed and affected by the elements and irritants from the environment. It is therefore important that we keep our skin clean, protected and well-maintained for a glowing and beautiful look. 

The good thing about living in this modern age is that technological advances in the field of cosmetics can give you more options on how to keep yourself looking young, beautiful and radiant.

1. Give Your Hair the Best Treat

Pamper your hair to make it look healthy, and shiny. You can apply natural and gentle chemical treatments to keep your hair healthy from the root to tip and avoid frizz. Even if you want to wear your hair long, don’t be afraid to trim every once in a while to remove damaged areas. Be sparing with heat treatment and styling. 

If you do have to turn up the heat on your hair, make sure to apply heat protectant and turn the flat iron temperature down to 200°C or below. For daily hair care, regularly apply shampoo and conditioner. Every once a week, use a hair mask for deeper penetration of the hair treatment to achieve health and shine.

2. Brighten Your Skin

Going outside exposes your skin to sun exposure and pollution. This is the reason why we need to cleanse and moisturize our skin regularly by taking a bath. But even bathing is not enough. You need to remove deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells to promote skin renewal. This can be achieved through light exfoliation. Korean skin care is getting known for being produced with natural ingredients that not only exfoliate the skin gently, but also offer hydration, cleansing and rejuvenation. When it comes to caring for the skin, a skin care package that offers complete protection is the best option.

Skin care doesn’t involve a single step, but rather a combination of steps that lead to bright and radiant skin. Brightening the skin needs to be applied evenly to the whole body. There can still be areas that have darker pigmentation, especially the more exposed parts of the skin. Apply skin serum that has pigmentation-reducing ingredients like hydroquinone or vitamin C. Sunscreen is a good protection and treatment maintenance for skin parts that are frequently exposed to the sun’s rays.

3. Pamper Your Eyes

Our eyes are one of our best facial assets, and also one of the busiest and most improperly utilized sense organs. Most of the times, we venture outside our homes without sunglasses or hats to shield our eyes from sun exposure, pollution and irritants. We stay up late to watch movies, stay online or play games on our mobile devices for a long time. Our eyes get tired and stressed out and they manifest as puffy eyes, dark circles or eye bags. We need to take care of our eyes by using natural and topical remedies.

Getting enough sleep is the best natural and inexpensive way of preventing and minimizing dark undereye circles and puffy eyes. It’s our body’s natural way of repairing skin cell damage. Also, I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration. 

Drink at least 8 glasses of water and liquids and frequent avoid alcohol and caffeine intake. Use light applications of bleaching agents and skin lighteners to dark circles and spots around the eyes. Use non-irritating and natural melatonin-inhibiting ingredients in lightening creams such as retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, green tea, vitamin C, or soy. Apply these eye-care remedies and you’ll achieve that bright and mesmerizing eyes.

4. Brighten Your Smile

It’s not only the hair, skin and face that need to be kept clean and bright. Your smile is also one of your best assets that is why you need to pay attention to your teeth. Choose a toothpaste that not only offers protection against tooth decay, but also whitens teeth. If you’re not sure which toothpaste to choose, it’s best to consult your dentist on which one works best for your pearly whites.

5. Use Radiance-Enhancing Makeup

Wear your makeup sparingly and only for events that call for looking your best. And if you do get to wear makeup, add an illuminating cream under your makeup. Bronzers are also great for creating a radiant glow. Illuminating makeup shades work well on areas that are hit by sunlight or artificial light. For a glittering glow, you can add a little shimmer to your makeup. Make sure not to make excessive application of makeup and that the makeup products should be good for your skin.

* * *

Looking radiantly beautiful is something that can be achieved by everyone. We need to be careful around pollution, extreme temperatures and irritants to protect our skin and hair. As early as the first signs of damage, we need to apply skin care products to regain our youthful glow and beauty. There are many ingenious ways of achieving this. We just need to be committed and vigilant in our quest for achieving radiant beauty.

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