27 August, 2019

Xiao Long Kan 小龙坎老火锅 @ Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur

Chengdu's best hotpot experience is here in Malaysia!

Are you ready for a fiery hot challenge? I just challenged myself with the traditional spicy hotpot at Xiao Long Kan and nailed it! Xiao Long Kan is an award-winning hotpot chain restaurant from Chengdu, China and now it is bringing us the cultural signature of Chinese cuisine: the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot.

Xiao Long Kan's first outlet in Malaysia is located at Fahrenheit88 shopping mall, KL.The eye-catching neon signage and ancient Chinese teahouse exterior allow it to be easily noticeable from afar.

As soon as I step into this two-storey outlet, I feel as if I have been transported to Chengdu as the tastefully-designed ancient Chinese interior is just mind-blowing. Look at those sleek wooden furnishings adorned with silk drapes, charming lanterns and wall paintings - thumbs up for the attention to detail!

The wall of fame in Xiao Long Kan - it is so well-recognised in Chengdu and
everyone literally queues for hours to try it there.

I believe in every hotpot venue, the soup base is the "essence" of the meal. In Xiao Long Kan, you can try 3 types of soup bases (RM48 per portion) made from hundreds-year-old recipe:
Traditional spicy soup (经典红锅)
Tomato-flavoured pot (番茄鸳鸯锅)
Clear soup

For first timers, try the double-flavoured pot or 3-flavoured pot so that you can have a taste of the best of both worlds.

If you are up for a challenge, here's the good news: The traditional spicy soup comes in 3 levels of spiciness. Look at the amount of spicy chilli they put into the broth; so enjoy the burning sensation at your own risk ya 😛

Guess what's the perfect match of the fiery broth? Meats, of course - and I mean, a lot of meats! The fresh, premium selection of meats is pretty extensive. To ensure the best dining experience, Xiao Long Kan's menu indicates the time required for each type of ingredient to be cooked. Usually, sliced meats take 1 minute whereas meat balls / fish paste takes slightly longer around 3-5 minutes to cook.

Don't forget to dip your meat into this special sauce concoction for better flavours!

Supreme Thousand-layered Beef Omasum (澳洲精品千层肚) @ RM48 per portion 
(1 minute to cook)

Showcasing some of the crowd's favourite items and also my must-order list.

Crystal Glass Duck Intestine (冰球鸭肠) @ RM28 per portion 
(30 seconds to cook)
Super crunchy and addictive when cooked!

XLK Spicy Chili Beef (双辣牛肉) @ RM48 per portion 
Be sure to cook it with the seasoning / topping!

Rose Meatball (手工玫瑰丸子) @ RM26 per portion
(5 minutes to cook)
P/S: The rose petal is edible too :P

Other notable items which we enjoy include the pork belly, pork aorta, pork neck, supreme Australian sliced beef, fish paste, shrimp paste etc. Recommended for meat lovers!

If you prefer something fresh with oceanic sweetness, you gotta try the assorted seafood items such as Japanese scallop, clam, abalone, prawns, crabstick, lobster ball, etc.

For vegetables, it is recommended to order a Vegetable Platter (RM20 per portion) for sharing because I think you'd be all stuffed with meat by then :P We have plenty of shiitake mushroom, beancurd stick, seaweed, tofu, green bamboo shoot strips, Chinese yam etc here which goes really well in the spicy broth.
Black Fungus (木耳) @ RM5 per portion

Ling Long Roll (玲珑卷) @ RM12 per portion
Fried Crispy Meat (现炸酥肉) @ RM16 per portion

For those who feel like munching on hot food while waiting for hte hotpot items to be cooked, I'd strongly recommend this platter of crispy meat which totally gets us hooked. So crispy, aromatic and bursting with flavours!

Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cake (红糖糍粑) @ RM13 per portion

For dessert, we don't see plenty of options available but one thing for sure, this traditional Chinese sweet snack is a must-try. Coated with sticky brown sugar, it is an indulgent sweet treat to end our perfect evening at Xiao Long Kan.

1. I love the amazing selection of meats, fresh vegetables, handmade meatballs, innards and offal in delicious traditional spicy soup which tastes just right for me, without being too numbing for the senses.
2. If you love spicy hotpot in the traditional Chinese way, here's the right place to fulfill your cravings.
3. Recommended for casual gathering among families and friends.

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @XiaoLongKanMY

 Xiao Long Kan (小龙坎老火锅)
Lot 03, Block D, 179,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Call: 010-220 9618

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