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06 April, 2020

Upcoming Vivo V Series: How is V19 different from the Vs

Since its first inception to the market, the V series have been played as one of the vivo’s model specialising in high-resolution cameras – positioned as their mid-range ‘mobilegraphy’ smartphone. Following the launch of V17 Pro and V17 on 2019, vivo Malaysia has recently announced to unveil the greater version V series – V19 soon. While all vivo V series look nearly identical, vivo made few major changes to the previous Vs to create the V19. The biggest changes are in the cameras and the high battery efficiency.

By this time, almost every phone user in the world is likely to have received that very important feature that introduced a dedicated camera Night mode for the flagship devices. Similar to others, vivo V19 will be introducing a Night mode camera; what makes it different is – a Super Night Selfie camera will be featured to the device.

The best advantage of Night mode is no doubt reduced noise and higher detail across the scene in most pictures while creating better photos in low-light conditions. By highlighting vivo V19 front camera’s Super Night Selfie mode, it comes with Layer-Based Beautification, Spatial Merging Denoising, and Multiple Exposure — allowing users to take clear and beautiful selfies set against the backdrop of a night time city skyline or the countryside’s starry sky.

In a fast-paced world today, every second count. Almost every smartphone has fast charging capabilities to ease your worries of disconnected from your device. Hence, the V19 will be featuring 33W vivo FlashCharge 2.0 technology. With the technology, it enables a 0 to 54 percent charge in just 30 minutes – offering convenience for fast-moving consumers. The technology makes charging more convenient by lessening the time it takes for a battery to get a substantial amount of power needed to operate the device.

In addition to the fast charging technology, the V19 has larger battery capacity of 4500mAh that provides long-lasting durability as compared to the previous V series. Consequently, users are able to get more time out of the smartphone use, with less time spent charging results in more time savings.

Although vivo V19 has yet to make its official reveal to the market, but it is believed to be launched in Malaysia anytime soon.

For more information, please visit vivo Facebook page or official website

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