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25 June, 2020

Review: Getting A Comprehensive Eye-Test Exclusively at MOG Eyewear

Hi! ❤ Surprised to see the four-eyed me? :P

I am a heavy contact lens user, but this is the usual me at home with my spectacles. The last round I got myself a proper eyeglass prescription was already more than 3 years ago, and today I am happy to be here at MOG Eyewear to take an eye test / "eye health checkup" and shop for a new pair of glasses!

Why MOG Eyewear? With so many options available today, I believe that choosing from the most suitable optical shop to the best lenses and frames can be overwhelming. But here at MOG Eyewear, I heard that they provide excellent service in performing detailed eye test using cutting-edge technology for customers (It's absolutely FREE! No forcing to make any purchase). 

So let's begin now...

Undergoing the Eye Test

To be honest, I have never been to such a thorough eye check in an optical shop! Some of the tests which are usually available in the hospitals are available at MOG Eyewear too. 

For my case, the step-by-step eye test involves:
1. Autorefractor
2. Phoropter / Trial Frame
3. Cover Test / Ocular Muscle Assessment
4. Funduscopic Examination
5. Slit Lamp

Step 1 - Autorefractor:
Begin with the most basic autorefractor, a computer-controlled machine that measures my eye prescription objectively.

Step 2 - Phoropter:
Put on that big, weird glasses and try with different lenses to determine the eye prescription.

Step 3 - Cover Test:
To move the eyes in different directions to examine the functioning of the eye muscles. 

 Step 4 - Funduscopic Examination:
The optometrist uses a funduscope to "see" inside the retina of the eye in order to detect 
any eye-related tensions / infections / diseases. 

It is followed by a detailed explanation on the images taken by the funduscope.
Mine shows a tigroid fundus image which is normal due to my high myopia condition.

Step 5 - Slit Lamp:
Lastly, the optometrist uses this big "microscope" to examine closely the front of the eye and inside 
the eye, in order to determine the eye health and help detect any eye disease.

Overall, both my eyes are in good condition. Nevertheless, will try to take a break from facing
the computer / mobile device screen every 20 minutes, so the eyes wouldn't be overstrained.

Choosing the Eyeglasses

Those with serious short-sightedness (Like myself, my power is -7.50 high!) and astigmatism would know the pain of wearing heavy and thick glasses. So I have shortlisted some frames from the French Connection collection that are sturdy enough to support my high myopia yet look stylish enough for everyday wear at home, office, etc. 

I guess the French Connection frames have what it takes to reflect the effortless chic aesthetic appearance. For the lenses, it is advisable to get the blue light blocking lenses which can protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the computer / mobile device screens.

With proper care (e.g. always clean your glasses lens and keep properly in a box when not in used), I believe this good pair of glasses from MOG can last me for many years!   
Do you know that if all these tests are done at eye specialist centre / hospital, it can easily cost a few hundred ringgit? Therefore, if you are looking for affordable glasses / sunshades / contact lenses coupled with excellent customer service, MOG Eyewear is probably the place you should consider visiting :)   
Feel free to make an appointment now at:

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @mogeyewear

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