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13 July, 2020

MeCan Trade - Everyone Can Trade Anytime, Anywhere!

It's online shopping time again! ❤ I mean, who doesn't love online shopping especially during these odd times where many people no longer shop in the traditional way? Today's topic is not just for shoppers, but also for those who want to start an online, fool-proof business with zero capital

Amidst the current economy slowdown, I have recently joined MeCan Trade as an ambassador to create my very own e-store to start earning some passive income for a start. It requires zero start-up capital, zero inventory and zero risk from my end.

What is MeCan Trade? 

Founded by Mr Andy Goh (former founder of Oldtown and current owner of Nam Heong restaurant chains) in 2010, MeCan Trade is a KL-based one-stop e-commence solution which currently trades in Malaysia, China, Thailand as well as Indonesia, and will be expanding to other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

MeCan Trade, Everyone Can Trade

MeCan Trade allows everyone to kickstart an entrepreneurial journey and trade anytime, anywhere. In just a few clicks, you can set up an instant e-store on MeCan Trade platform which constantly generate sales opportunity for you and start earning passive income just by offering a large variety of products directly from the product owners on your e-store. 

Why MeCan Trade? 
❤ More people, more business
- It connects sellers and buyers around the world.

❤ Trade cross-border in your local currency
- Don't worry about foreign exchange loss at all.

❤ No e-commerce experience? No problem!
- MeCan Trade covers it all, from registration, purchasing, payment to delivery to your doorstep. Support wise, it even engages SEO and SEM to drive business with the right demographics. Logistics and strong marketing are covered too. 

❤ Export assistance
- MeCan Trade can assist you with the export procedures and document preparations such as trade contracts, custom-related documents etc. 

❤ Support / advice
- MeCan Trade has a local team to assist with operations, marketing, networking, IT and finance matters.

Check out my e-store at!

Do you have your own social media page?
Do you have 500 friends / followers or more?
Do you like to share things on social media?

YES? It's time to create an e-store on MeCan Trade, share your preferred products online or social media to your network of friends be it locally or internationally! MeCan Trade Ambassador Program is where you begin with.... 

How to become a MeCan Trade Ambassador?
1. Register Buyer Account to activate MeCan Trade Ambassador feature.
2. Start shopping & customise your storefront with personalised URL.
3. Promote store & sell products to social network to reap the profits.

The 600++ products available for your e-store range from groceries and household supplies to health, beauty and lifestyle goods. One of the popular recommendations is VANZO, Malaysia's first healthy car air freshener which owns the COA report (Certificate of Analysis) and the product ingredient analysis report.

Vanzo Secret Musk LX | Vanzo Secret Musk Miniature (2 pcs)
Scent: It reminds us of sea breeze and a field of blooming flowers.

Vanzo Velvet Musk LX | Vanzo Velvet Musk Miniature (2 pcs)
Scent: Natural velvet musk scent that encompasses floral and wood notes.

Vanzo English Pear & Freesia LX | Vanzo English Pear & Freesia Miniature (2 pcs)
Scent: Mellow scented fresh pear with cool white freesias, so delicate yet distinctive.

Imported from Japan, VANZO scent is very natural, breezy and harmless to human as it is made from natural plant-based extracts and free from harmful chemicals. Each jar can last about 60 days, and is priced affordably at only RM29 each! 

Lovin' the premium gold design with pink, black or white touches.

You can also find a full range of Wellsen products on Mecan Trade platform. Wellsen is famous for its diverse range of shampoos, conditioners, hair styling, hair perming and hair straightening products. I personally like the CHAMP collection (in tiffany blue and white bottles) because it is exclusively made from only plant-based ingredients featuring organic chamomile extract and 100% pure peppermint essential oil, and it helps revitalise and combat hair thinning. 

Wellsen Marula Oil Intense Repair Hair Serum | Blow Dry Lotion 
Wellsen CHAMP Collection (Revitalizing Shampoo, Hair Mask, Curl Booster and Retention Cream) |
Wellsen Scalp Purifier 

Nevertheless, their precious marula oil hair serum seems to be exactly what my hair needs currently - for intense anti-frizz benefits, luminous shine and resilience. And marula oil is actually better than argan oil because of its high concentration of Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin C. Perfect to repair dry hair like mine!

Looking for something different? Check out the rest of the health and beauty products, home and living items, food items etc on MeCan Trade. Time to start your own e-business too!

Don't forget to visit my e-store!

Official Website:
Instagram: @mecantrade

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