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15 July, 2020

The Savvy Guide to an All-Meat Diet

An all-meat diet sounds outrageous, but the trend is quickly catching on. While the idea might seem strange, farfetched, and impossible to follow, you need to realize that it is not an idea that came out of the blues. Our ancestors adhered to an animal-based diet, and their populations were able to thrive before newer diet trends arrived. 

Societies such as the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic, Maasai, Samburu and Rendile of East Africa, Chukotka of the Russian Arctic, Sioux of South Dakota and steppe nomads of Mongolia all survived on meat diets. In the present day, some people still survive on a carnivore diet. Below, we offer a guide to an all-meat diet.

Basics of the Carnivore diet

The Carnivore Diet is also called an all-meat/zero carb diet. Just as the name suggests, the diet requires that the adherent eliminates plant foods from their diet.

Some of the foods that you can take include:
● Meat
● Eggs
● Fish
● Dairy products with low lactose

You can enjoy beef, pork, chicken, lamb, white fish, and heavy cream, among other foods within the range. When living on this diet, the experts’ at Carnivore Style advises that you eat the fatty cuts to help reach your energy needs. However, a quality cut is made of so much more than just the fatty cuts. Variety is vital, and getting a trusted meal delivery service could be the reason for your success with this type of diet.

This kind of diet also recommends broth and water drinking, but plant-based beverages, including coffee and teas, are discouraged. The water you consume can either be tap, spring, or mineral water, and you can choose to add salt to it to establish a balance of electrolytes. Adherents also avoid beverages with added carbohydrates such as energy drinks, protein powder shakes, and soda.

Guidelines for the Diet

1. Eat Until full.
Some diet types restrict the consumption of proteins. However, when you are in the all-meat diet, you are encouraged to eat until full. There are no specific guidelines to show appropriate serving sizes, making it okay to eat as you desire.

2. Eat approximately one to three times daily.
There are no specific guidelines about the number of times you should be eating in a day while on this diet. However, you can eat one to three times, depending on your schedule. However, eating protein throughout the day and at night is key in maintaining lean muscle mass.

3. Eat both cooked and raw meat.
As an adherent to this meat diet, you can eat your meat how you like it. Even if you do not like your meat bloody or pink, you may find that this changes over time. Other meats such as fish, chicken, and bacon should be cooked do that they are safe for human consumption.

Can the Carnivore Diet Promote Weight Loss?

This diet has a weight loss effect because when you eat more proteins and limit your calorie intake. Also, you feel fuller when you eat protein, and it increases your metabolism, which means you will burn more calories. Over time, you will lose more weight on this diet. However, you do not need to go to extremes to lose weight.

The all-meat diet might seem like a strange idea, but it is here to stay and has its benefits. With the guideline above, you will understand all you need to know about it.

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