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10 March, 2021

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Skincare

It's been a good 4 years since I started my anti-aging skincare journey with THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam (蘂花譚) Revitalising line. With new technology advancement over the past years, this Yehwadam signature line now gets a fresh new look with an upgraded ingredient - Plum Flower

Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Skincare Line

It comes with the same sleek premium bottles, but now in baby pink gradient - how lovely is that! I guess this color is a good indication that spring is here, and here comes the perfect blooming season for Plum Flower in Korea. 

The Plum Flowers used in this skincare series is collected from Gwangyang in early March, in their freshest condition when they just come into bloom. Plum Flowers are traditionally used in medicine making to comfort the liver, ease congestion and relieve clogged bodily flows. Now guess what are the benefits it brings to the skin? 

❤ Moisture - Improves hyaluronic acid production to keep skin hydrated.
❤ Brightness and clarity - Decreases the rate of melanin production to reduce dark spots. 

For the best result, the benefits of Plum Flowers are combined with Yehwadam's signature Gyu-Hwa-Bang complex sourced from the most pristine areas in Korea including:

   ❤ Korean Ginseng (skin revitalization),
   ❤ Safflower (improve collagen production) and
   ❤ Goji Berry (control aging for radiance and glow)

Feel free to check out the 7 signature Yehwadam lines that address different skin concerns according to the age groups, with the power of traditional Korean hers:

   - Lightweight, soothing pre-aging care (for users in early 20s).
2. Revitalising Moisturising
   - Re-nergizing and hydrating (for users in early 20s).
3. [Renewed] Plum Flower Revitalizing 
   - Moisturising and radiance (for users aged 25 to 35).
   - Brightening and anti-dark spots (for users aged 25 to 35).
   - Lifting and nourishing (for users aged 35 and above).
6. [Premium Line] Hwanseanggo Ultimate Rejuvenating 
   - Premium anti-aging and energy-boosting (for users aged 35 and above).
7. [Premium Line] Hwanseanggo Rejuvenating Radiance 
   - Premium anti-aging and brightening (for users aged 35 and above).

Plum Flower Revitalizing Toner (160ml) @ RM140.90

For daily moisture, radiance and firming care, we begin our Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing journey with the refreshing toner that preps and hydrates the skin after cleansing. It contains skin-friendly hydrating ingredients such as Betaine and Trehalose for long-lasting moisture. 

Texture: It feels like some premium hydrating lotion that seals the skin with a layer of moisture.

Feel after use: It gives a mask-like hydration to the skin - so moisturised and nourished!

Plum Flower Revitalizing Serum (45ml) @ RM225.90

The next step is the Plum Flower Revitalizing Emulsion, that helps smooth and nourish the skin before applying the Plum Flower Revitalizing Serum. As for the serum, it is a concentrated type with stabilised ceramides that help strengthen the skin barrier. 

Texture: The Face Shop's serum always has a thicker consistency as compared to other store-bought serums. Having said that, I like how the serum actually feels so lightweight and melts on the skin.

Feel after use: The serum adheres to the skin well, like a thick gel, without any sticky or heavy sensation. 

Plum Flower Revitalizing Cream (50ml) @ RM225.90

For both day and night care, I'd finish off the skin with a thin layer of highly moisturising cream that instantly forms a strong protective barrier on the skin. It delivers lasting moisture to the skin while restoring elasticity and vital energy.

Texture: Thick and concentrated but easily blendable.
Remember to use little amount to prevent heavy finish. 

Feel after use:  Again, this is very moisturising but I find it slightly greasy for my oily T-zone.
So, a bottle of this cream can go a long way since very little amount is required each time.

Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream (25ml) @ RM215.90

Specially for the eyes, this line comes with a balm-like eye cream that pampers the delicate eye area without causing any irritation even to the dry sensitive skin type like mine. It is made using natural bio-membrane technology to ensure effective absorption of active ingredients into the skin. 

Texture: Thick yet non-greasy cream....and it smells good too!
A pea-sized amount of eye cream should be enough to cover the skin under both eyes.

Feel after use: 
It hydrates the outer corner of the under eye well, 
especially applied on the area where crow's feet and fine lines are.  

1. If you are looking for early care for the first signs of aging especially for those aged between 25 to 35, this skincare is recommended for you. 
2. Regardless of your skin type, Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line is ideal to provide daily moisture, radiance and firming care.
3. Be diligent to follow every step of the Yehwadam skincare, and let your skin be revitalised, clear and firm again. 

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line is available at 
all THE FACE SHOP stores and various online platforms now. 


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