30 July, 2021

Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day - Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo

Good news! Hari Nasi Lemak MB™ is back!

Do you know that last year, Marrybrown, the first largest homegrown Halal fast food chain, declared 1st of August as "Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day" to celebrate the nation's favourite Nasi Lemak? It marks Marrybrown's heritage and journey of serving Malaysians for the past 40 years.

Why 1st of August? Because nasi lemak, a communal dish that we eat growing up in every household, is often the first dish that comes to mind when one thinks of Malaysia. This dish best represents the roots, culture and identity of Malaysia.

Good things are meant to be shared. Last year, Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day received the “Most Number of Nasi Lemak Packs Distributed in Multiple Locations” title from the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for distributing more than 10,000 boxes of Nasi Lemak MB to customers at 151 restaurants nationwide.

This year, Marrybrown, is marching into its second year of Hari Nasi Lemak MB™. To reward the customers, Marrybrown is organising Shopee Sales with 5,000 packs of Nasi Lemak MB to be grabbed with Buy 1 Free 1 deals, priced from RM9.50 (making it a total of 10,000 Nasi Lemak MB packs).

Buy 1 FREE 1 Nasi Lemak MB™ Shopee Voucher from RM9.50 onwards!
*Exclusively available on Shopee on 1 August 2021 from 12am onwards.
*Voucher is redeemable at participating Marrybrown outlets from 2 - 31 August only.
*While stocks last

I am one of the first to grab this exclusive deal, and let's enjoy this warm plate of Nasi Lemak together with our dear family. 

Mmm....smell the aroma of the fragrant coconut rice, accompanied with a sizeable piece of juicy Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken, crunchy peanuts and anchovies, fresh cucumber and pappadom chips. And not forgetting the best part - Sambal - that integrates everything together as one.

It is also the symbol of unity, teamwork and harmony of Malaysia, just like how this keeps us going as Malaysians amidst the challenging period.

While every 1st of August symbolises Hari Nasi Lemak MB, fans can also expect fantastic deals for every 1st of the month to come for Nasi Lemak MB.  

Anyway, Happy Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day once again and don't forget to share the Nasi Lemak with your loved ones, family and friends too!

For more information about Marrybrown, please visit:
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