28 September, 2021

5 Tips for Rejuvenating Your Skin Overnight

Is your skin feeling dull, dry, and tired these days? As the weather changes from summer to fall and it starts to get a little brisker outside, our skin can often suffer. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to help your skin rejuvenate overnight. During the night when we are asleep is when our body goes through many healing processes, and being the largest organ in our bodies, our skin needs sleep too. Here’s what you can do to wake up in the morning with skin that feels soft and healthy.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep:

Your skin will suffer if you are not getting enough sleep. Drinking caffeine too late in the day, working out in the evening, or staying up late on your phone or tablet are all activities that can lead to poor sleep quality or struggling to get to sleep at night. If you often struggle to get to sleep at night, taking steps to try and improve this won’t just leave you feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning - it will also have a positive impact on your skin. Try this sleep drink designed to help you relax and wind down so that you can enjoy a full night of restful sleep.

Use a Good Night Cream:

Using a good night cream will support your skin overnight and help it rejuvenate so that you wake up with skin that feels softer and smoother than ever. Choose a cream that is specially designed for nighttime use. These are often thicker and a little greasier compared to daytime moisturizers. While the brand you use isn’t always important, you should go for one that has a good reputation and does not use any ingredients that could do more harm than good to your skin.

Stay Hydrated:

Being the largest organ in your body, your skin needs a large proportion of the water that you consume – and if you’re not drinking enough of it, then your skin might visibly suffer. Issues like dry, flaky skin and pimples can all be a sign that you’re just not hydrated enough. If you’re suffering from these problems and do drink plenty of water, then it’s a good idea to get professional advice to rule out any underlying skin conditions. However, if you don’t drink a lot of water then you’ll definitely see a difference in your skin when you do. Aim for around two liters per day to start seeing quick results in your skin and your overall health too.

Using FOREO LUNA play plus facial brush with face cleanser

Before going to bed and applying moisturizer, exfoliating your skin can make a big difference to its condition the next morning. Exfoliating will get rid of the dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. Ideally, you should aim to exfoliate around once per week. You can do this in the shower using an exfoliating glove or body scrub to remove the dead skin cells from your whole body. For your face, avoid the shower as the water is typically too hot. Wash and exfoliate your face using a facial scrub with lukewarm water.

Use a Cleanser and Toner:

If you go to bed without cleansing your face, this could be one of the main reasons why you’re waking up in the morning with less than satisfactory skin. Cleansing your face before going to bed will make sure that you’re not sleeping in dead skin cells and debris that your skin has picked up throughout the day. Finally, a toner will help to keep the skin hydrated and calm.

During the night, your skin repairs itself. If you’re waking up with skin that isn’t looking its best, try these steps in your bedtime routine.

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