31 October, 2021

[REVIEW] CLEANDS Hygiene Mist & Environment Spray for Healthy Wellbeing

In recent years, our lifestyle has greatly changed due to the pandemic, especially in terms of maintaining the greatest level of hygiene at all times and sanitising ourselves as and when required. Personally, I have stocked up many types of sanitisers and disinfectants at home but unfortunately, some of them are often too harsh for my sensitive skin.

I am glad to have found Cleands, which stands out among the rest, as it kills germs up to 99.9% with 24 hours protection. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin including those with eczema skin condition, Cleands uses only ingredients with zero toxicity and no chemicals, alcohol, chloride, paraben and preservativesCleands uses Ionized Nano Zinc as the base element, and it is food grade safe as well as medical lab-tested too.

 Cleands Hygienic Mist (100 ml) @ RM45.90

I have been using this Hygienic Mist to keep the best of personal hygiene especially after grocery shopping or before going into the car etc. It is very easy to use - just spray on the face from head to toe before wearing a mask and on the skin problem areas or wounds. In addition, it can be sprayed onto clothes for disinfection purposes.

I was amazed at how delicate Cleands products actually feel on the skin. No allergic reactions, no skin burning, no rashes, etc. As it is made mainly from purified water and free of alcohol and harmful chemicals, the mist is suitable for babies, people with skin allergies such as Eczema and Psoriasis. However, for babies and pregnant ladies, it is advised to use externally only. 

Cleands Environment Spray (500ml) @ RM69.90

As much as we keep ourselves clean at all times, it is important to keep our environment free from bacteria or odour. I love using this Environment Spray as it gives an instant protective layer against virus, bacteria and germs for up to 24 hours. Super easy to use - I just sanitise your grocery bag, food delivery bag, outfits or any surface that I often touch! 

As it can instantly kill 99.9% of germs on any surface, it is suitable for areas requiring frequent disinfection such as kids’ area and toys, car interior, personal belongings, household and office, gym and yoga equipment, utensils, etc.  

It can be sprayed on the air conditioner and air purifier filter as well, as it helps disinfect and freshen the air too. 

True to its tagline “Clean Hands, Use Cleands”, Cleands is effective in cleansing and sanitising, yet so friendly to the skin. Highly recommended for households with children, or people with different skin conditions like rashes, eczema or wounds.

Now available on Shopee and Lazada - so, happy shopping and enjoy a healthy environment with your family! 

For more information:
Website: www.cleands.co 
Facebook: fb.com/CleandsMalaysia  
Instagram: @cleands_malaysia

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