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03 October, 2022

TopzMall x TinyTAN Message Chocolate: Exclusively Available Online in Malaysia!

Calling all BTS fans, time to add TinyTAN Message Chocolate into your collection!

When I was browsing on TopzMall, I was excited to see these cute boxes of TinyTAN Message Chocolate with warm message of hope and courage delivered by BTS characters. 

Do you know that TopzMall is an authorised reseller of this “TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2”? TinyTAN is a group of lovable characters created from seven members of BTS. Just too cute to resist!

Let’s take a closer look of the characters… They are designed with distinct personalities that sprang from the persona of the group members, with their own narrative universe that takes the characters across the boundaries of reality and imagination through a ╩╗Magic Door’.

Not only that, these warm and colorful packages also include sweet, heart-warming messages - best to be presented as a gift for your loved ones!

TinyTan Message Chocolate is one of the world's top three chocolate brands, made of Belcolade's pure 100% cocoa butter. Here are the 4 variants available for you to choose: 

 Wappen (Black) - A message of sympathy and healing 
 Purple Holidays (Purple) - A message of sympathy and healing
 Sweet Time (Red) - A message of courage
 Dynamite (White) - A message of hope and comfort

 Wappen (Black) - A message of sympathy and healing 

1 box of TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 @ RM 130
(Shop here: LINK)

Each box contains:
 8 pieces of chocolate
 7 pieces chocolate printed with the cute characters
 1 piece chocolate printed with TinyTAN logo
 7 characters stickers
Apart from the cute character design, I notice that there are 7 random sentences of positive energy messages on the chocolates, totalling up to 49 styles in total.

Not only that, each box also comes with 7-characters stickers, which are very collectible and addictive to the die-hard fans.

 Purple Holidays (Purple) - A message of sympathy and healing

 Sweet Time (Red) - A message of courage

 Dynamite (White) - A message of hope and comfort

Each piece of the chocolate is delicious and not too sweet too!

Full Set (4 boxes) of TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 @ RM 499
(Shop here: LINK)

If you are a collector or a fan, time to get all 4 boxes of message chocolate (Dynamite, Purple Holiday, Wappen, and Sweet Time) enjoy a special package price of only RM 499 (normal price: RM 520 And you will get a FREE Limited Edition TinyTAN Cooler Bag too (not for sale ya)!  

TopzMall 24/7 Online Shopping

Apart from TinyTAN Message Chocolate, TopzMall, being one of Malaysia's leading cross-border ecommerce platform, has lots more to offer. The brand's philosophy is "A Healthy Living Begins with Quality Lifestyle". Here you can enjoy 24/7 online shopping at the lowest price. 

Not only that, TopzMall offers various deals and promotions all year long, such as:
 Monthly double digits sales campaigns
 Roadshow events and flash pop up store
 Travel fair and tour packages
 Online warehouse clearance and year end sales

The more you shop from TopzMall, the more you save when you join the Topz+ Member Subscription, a yearly subscription loyalty program for TopzMall buyers where you will enjoy member-only special discounts, offers and monthly exclusive packages. 

TopzMall x TogaGo

For those who love travelling, here's a good news - you can enjoy exclusive travel deals through TopzMall campaigns, brought to you by TogaGo, a one-stop online travel booking platform in Malaysia.

It offers more than 1.4 million accommodations around worldwide, China train ticket booking, tour packages, and exclusive monthly travel deals. It is also a member of Matta Fair, Tourism Malaysia, and Malaysia Truly Asia.  
TopzMall x Brand Owner

For business owners / merchants on TopzMall, come receive a RM10,000 subsidy fee for a series of marketing advertisement planning, while TopzMall helps you to promote your brand for free through social media platforms. 

Stay tuned at TopzMall's online platforms for more exclusive updates!
Official Website: 
Instagram: @topzmall 
Yippi Mini Program: @Topzmall 
TikTok: @TopzMallOfficial

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