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06 October, 2022

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP 'Clean Beauty' Vitamin Brightening Serum and Tea Tree Pore Ampoule

Following the introduction of The Therapy Vegan Skincare by THE FACE SHOP few months ago, I am excited to hear that this Korean beauty brand continues to expand its Clean Beauty collection to create cruelty-free vegan beauty that uses 100% plant-based ingredients and extracts.

Meet the latest Clean Beauty collection - 
Vitamin Brightening Serum and Tea Tree Pore Ampoule!

These serum and ampoule are probably the ideal solutions to those with dull, uneven skin tone and acne-prone skin concerns - which are amongst the most common skin issues we face especially during the hot and humid weather.

THE FACE SHOP Vitamin Brightening Serum (30ml) @ RM 129.90

I honestly need this to improve my dull skin due to work stress and late night sleeps recently! The Vitamin Serum brightens up dull and uneven skin through the exclusive "Vital Vita Solution", which is made of >98% pure vitamin compounds including:

❤ 1,000 ppm of 98% pure Vitamin C derivatives (Ascorbyl Glucoside) - visibly brighten dull skin
❤ 20,000 ppm 99% pure Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - excellent brightening effect
❤ 10,000 ppm Provitamin 5 (Panthenol) - excellent moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects

Not only that, the serum also carries 100% natural origin and GMO-free hyaluronic acid for long hours moisture retaining benefits.

How to use: Apply sufficient amount onto skin after cleansing and toner.

Texture / Feel: I like how it feels mild on the skin. So light and moisturising, I can use it everyday even during the hot summer months without feeling any discomfort.

Benefits: After a period of using it, it helps to improve skin dullness and balance up the skin tone while retaining the skin's moisture. Plus, the Clean Beauty formula is free from silicone oil which may irritate the skin.

Suitable for:
❤ Those who want to improve dull and uneven skin
❤ Those who are looking for a mild essence which has a clean beauty formula
❤ Those who are searching for a light and moisturizing serum to use during hot weather

THE FACE SHOP Tea Tree Pore Ampoule (30ml) @ RM 138.90

Another issue I have on my skin is the visible open pores which I have to conceal all the time :( Luckily, THE FACE SHOP introduces this Tea Tree Pore Ampoule which contains Triple Acids and Tea Tree Extract, to help soothe skin and intensively reduce the size of pores.

❤ (1) Triple Acids
The trio of AHA, BHA and PHA helps smoothen the skin, without any irritation. The ampoule also contains LG-patented "IPA" exfoliant to improve rough skin texture.

 (2) Tea Tree Extract
The Korean Tea Tree Extract is specially derived from low-temperature slow extraction method (slowly extract for 3 days at 25C) to deliver the active ingredients of tea tree that are excellent for calming the skin.

How to use: Apply sufficient amount onto skin after cleansing and toner.

Texture / Feel: I like how lightweight the texture is, as it can absorb quickly into the skin. Upon application, it seals the skin with deep moisture, thanks to the ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid content.

Benefits: With the excellent exfoliation and moisturising benefits, my skin looks and feels smoother, more moisturised and radiant now. It is good for acne-prone skin too.

Suitable for:
❤ Those who are looking for moisturizing ampoule products without oiliness or stickiness
❤ Those with sensitive skin who need low-irritant daily skincare to soothe skin and care for dead skin cells
❤ Those who need a cosmetic product with proven efficacy to care for pores

If you are looking at achieving bright and spotless skin amidst the hot and humid weather, THE FACE SHOP Vitamin Brightening Serum and Tea Tree Pore Ampoule are the answers to your quest.

THE FACE SHOP Vitamin Brightening Serum and Tea Tree Pore Ampoule
are available at all THE FACE SHOP stores and various online platforms now. 

❤ ❤ 

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