13 November, 2022

Dear Diary | 13.11.2022


Today marks the day I officially step into 30s,
Living in a foreign land (not so far) away from home,
Spending this special day with the few close ones,
And receiving well wishes from those who are close at heart.

One year ago,
I was eager for the reopening of the borders,
Dreaming of having weeks-long birthday vacay to the Land of the Rising Sun,
Planning for major transitions that I’d look forward to in the thirties and beyond.

Fast forward to one year later,
I decided not to follow where the initial path may lead,
And went for a whole different route I’ve never planned for in my entire life.
While the new adventure paves the way towards greater things,
Let the dreams of this little girl remain dreams for now.

Thank you, twenties.
It has been a memorable decade.
A 10-year quest of travelling places, meeting new people, exploring career path and finding love.
Especially doing fun, daring things that I probably wouldn’t do again.
And yes—overall a fantastic time.

I always think thirty is a fabulous age.
Considerably young, (still) full of energy, financially comfortable, and wiser than before.
What’s more important is the richness in mind that grows with age.
People once told me that I am “too old” to take risks and weave new clouds of dreams in the air,
But hey why let the age be the limit? 
Frankly, you are never too old to dream a new dream!

Now that I have stepped into the thirties, flirty and thriving,
I wish for nothing but the best of life in the next decade,
Keep the light-hearted yet brave version of me,
Surround myself with the right people,
Speak out my true feelings and be kinder to myself,
And live my life to the fullest potential,
Towards greater heights and endless possibilities.

Thank you, next. 

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