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16 April, 2023

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP 'Clean Beauty' Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum

Meet THE FACE SHOP's "Clean Beauty" latest addition, powered by plant antioxidants!

My first try on THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam (蘂花譚) First Serum was back in 2019, and I fell in love with it since then. I am excited that it now introduces the all-new Yehwadam  Young Camellia First Serum - with new "clean beauty" formula and vegan-certified! 

Do you know the importance of the very first step of skincare after cleansing? This is because our skin loses moisture within 1 hour of cleansing due to the loss of the sebum layer on skin’s surface. Therefore, it is important to immediately supplement the skin with moisture, so that our skin’s barrier remains strong and intact.

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum (180ml) @ RM182.90

As the name suggests, the Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum is the very first step of skincare that helps to quickly rebalance and replenish skin moisture, preparing it for better absorption of the next skincare steps.

Young Camellia, the star among the skin-loving blend of natural ingredients.

The star ingredient, Young Camellia flowers handpicked from Taean, is known for its excellent antioxidant benefits and protective power. The flower on its own, is able to bloom beautifully and survive the harsh winter. Each year, the flower petals are harvested from trees that are under five years old.

The Yehwadam formula also features the  8 types Oriental Herbal Oil derived from plants: Sea Buckthorn Fruit, Safflower Seed, Apricot Seed, Cotton Seed, Green Tea, Sunflower Seed, Flax Seed, and Black Bean, that are rich in tocopherol, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Not only that, the addition of two patented ingredients help to balance oil and moisture levels while caring for the skin barrier:
 Ferulic Acid moisturizes skin and promotes the production of hyaluronic acid.
 Betaine strengthens skin’s barrier, forming a protective shield to prevent moisture evaporation.

Featuring a “Less is More” concept - Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum is all about clean beauty!

In the past year, we have seen THE FACE SHOP putting in a great deal of care and effort to create "clean beauty" skincare series, and for this time, a hypoallergenic first serum which is suitable for all skin types, even for teens or young adults.

Key unique features of Young Camellia First Serum "Clean Beauty" concept:
 Certified vegan by the Korea Agency for Vegan Certification and Services
 All ingredients used are EWG Safe grade
 Friendly on skin (anti-oxidation and skin irritation tests completed)
 Recyclable container
 Free from 23 harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, PEG, animal-derived ingredients, and more!

How to Use:
❤ Immediately after cleansing, gently towel-dry your face. 
❤ Dispense 3 pumps and apply to face and neck. 
❤ Pat gently until fully-absorbed, then follow with toner, essence, emulsion and cream. 

❤ The water-type texture absorbs easily, soothing sensitive skin while improving softness and radiance.

Feel on skin:
❤ Lightweight and gentle on skin.

Featuring a 100% natural, skin-safe fragrance, it exudes lovely floral notes of Chamomile and Vetiver, imported from France, allowing the skin to relax and stabilize.

If you have not started your skincare regime with the ultimate "first step" (after cleansing, and before toner), then it is time to invest yourself THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum to achieve the long-lasting, moisturised and soft skin. 

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Young Camellia First Serum is available
at all THE FACE SHOP stores and online now. 

❤ ❤ 

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